Microsoft opens Cloud Datacenters in the U.K.

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    Great news for ClicData users!

    Microsoft just announced that its datacenter in the United Kingdom is now online for the first time. The new region offers support for Azure cloud services and Office 365, and other services are in development.

    ClicData is a long-time Microsoft partner, and can now offer you the option to host your data right in the U.K. for the first time!

    How will it work? New ClicData users currently choose the location they prefer to have their data hosted: in either North America or Europe. If you’re an Enterprise subscriber, you also can be more specific and can select the country you prefer. Now, you’ll be able to choose the U.K.

    The new Microsoft UK datacenters are located in Cardiff, Wales and London, England. They are fully equipped to work with the U.K. Ministry of Defense and the NHS and are fully compliant with U.K. governmental standards to host sensitive data.

    The U.K. datacenters are one more support stream for ClicData’s powerful next-gen BI platform, with reduced processing latency, that builds live, dynamic, intuitive dashboards.

    If you want to find out more about having your ClicData data hosted in the U.K. —or any other country — feel free to contact us directly via our website.

    Happy Dashboarding!