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Your data, your way. From simple to complex data processing tasks, do it all in a single place. Fusion, merge, filter, clean, calculate, and enhance your data with a unique set of functionalities made for you. Get your data ready for analysis and visualization!

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Powerful Data Management Features
For Endless Possibilities

  • Fusion

    Our Data Fusion is available to combine identical or similar tables into one. It is ideal to produce a combined view of all your data across multiple regions or business units that have local databases.

  • Merge

    Relationships between tables from the same or different systems is sometimes required.  Our Data Merge functionality gives you the flexibility to join tables in many different ways to get a single data set.

  • JSON & XML Parsing

    Data sometimes comes in different shapes and we have the tools to convert free data structures such as JSON and XML into columnar data for fast aggregation.

  • Pivot & UnPivot

    When your data is already pivoted and you need to convert it into a flat structure or when you want to pivot some data so it's ready to use in other data processes or visualization.

  • Cleaning and Standardization

    Proper analysis and visualization requires clean data. We have several easy to use data transformation nodes that make this easy for you to do in just a few clicks.  

  • Simple and Advanced Filtering

    Filter data based on set values, formulas or dynamically based on other data or user and team parameters.

  • Aggregations

    We use columnar or vertical indexing of data so when it's time to perform sums, averages, standard deviations, and other types of aggregations, it is easy and instant.

  • Data Augmentation

    Enhance your data by adding templates with currency exchange, health, weather and other data to complement your own data.

  • Type Conversion

    Convert data from almost any type to another type to fix bad data and structure it properly for your visualization.

  • Geocoding

    Automatically convert street addresses to latitude and longitude as the data is processed and start using our map visualizations.

  • Lookup Tables

    Create your own dictionary and lookup tables and use them to prepare, validate or enhance your core data.

Get A Central Place
For All Your Data

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, and Document Storage all in one place. Benefit from different storage types to have all your data in a scalable, secure, and centralized place for fast & efficient analytics. Our built-in data warehouse relies on Microsoft's Azure hosting so you benefit from the closest Data Center to you.

Work With Structured &
Unstructured Data

Store structured or unstructured data from spreadsheets, databases, JSON and XML files. Go beyond text and numerical data and store images, videos, audio and binary data to complement your analytics.

Access Data
Versioning and History

Keep historical data in our data warehouse - irrespective of your systems' availability. Whether you migrate applications or your data supplier stops sending you historical data, you will not lose a single byte.

Visually Prep Data
with Data Flow

Massage your data the way you want - clean, filter, join, pivot, and deduplicate data from different sources. Just drag and drop your transformations and automate your flows, no code required.

Meet Data Flow For Faster Data Transformations

Watch your data go from messy to ready-to-use within minutes. Just drag and drop your transformations and automate your flows. No coding, no fuss.

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