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blog customer engagement metrics to drive sales

How to Use Customer Engagement Metrics To Get More Sales

Can you say with certainty that you’re going to hit all your sales targets this year? You see, often businesses prioritize historical and current sales…

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blog snowflake clicdata scalable analytics

Snowflake + ClicData For Powerful & Scalable Data Analytics

Snowflake and ClicData integration may raise eyebrows, but its benefits are substantial. This synergy has proven invaluable for many users who optimize data storage with…

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blog data modeling

Mastering Data Modeling: Examples, Tools, and Best Practices to Optimize Your Data Analysis

Data modeling is a way of structuring databases, showing how data is linked, stored, and accessed. This maintains data accuracy and consistency and makes using…

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blog abc analysis inventory

Inventory ABC Analysis Explained: Calculation and Example

Did you know? United States retailers hold about $1.39 in inventory for every dollar of sales. With such significant amounts tied up in inventory, businesses…

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blog salesforce reporting custom visualisations

Salesforce Reporting: Overcoming Limitations with Custom Data Viz Examples

Boasting a vast user base of over 150,000 as of 2023, Salesforce has become a go-to solution for sales enterprise and customer relationship management (CRM)…

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blog api integration

API Integration: Best Practices, Methods and Example

API integration poses a unique set of challenges, from compatibility issues to security concerns. To simplify this process, we offer a practical checklist for defining…

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firefly supply chain tracking re

Supply Chain Visibility: Why Do You Need It In Real-Time

Over the past few years, supply chain disruptions and shortages have caused issues for consumers and retailers alike. With these issues, the need for greater…

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blog sql execution plan

SQL Execution Plan: How to Read It To Improve Your Queries

What is an execution plan? Let’s break it down. An SQL Execution Plan is a roadmap provided by a database management system (DBMS) which outlines…

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blog data driven project management tips

10 Data-Driven Project Management Tips for Higher Efficiency (for 2024)

Have you heard about the concept of “illusion of control”? It’s when we think we have more control over things than we really do.  But…

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blog budget variance

How to Optimize Resource Allocation Through Budget Variance Analysis

Budget variance analysis is a high-priority evaluation that tells you whether you meet your budget expectations. It helps you uncover detrimental overspending, underspending, and other…

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blog sql functions


As data analysts, we use SQL functions day in, day out. And we tend to use the same functions over and over again but we’re…

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blog rfm analysis

RFM Analysis: Definition and Calculations

Customer engagement is vital to the survival and success of your business. However, not all customers engage equally. Some interact infrequently, perhaps once a month…

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blog call center monitoring

Call Center Monitoring: Secrets To Superior Customer Service

What is call center monitoring, and why do call centers need this?  In business, maintaining customer satisfaction is essential. Customer satisfaction largely depends on the…

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blog employee attrition

Employee Attrition Explained: Types, Calculation, Impact, & Strategies

What is employee attrition, and why should your organization care?  In any labor market, employee quits, layoffs, and separations are problematic. According to the US…

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blog project management

Optimizing Your Software Development Project Management With Data – Dashboard Example

In software development, the ability to quickly and efficiently deliver high-quality products is key to constantly meeting evolving customer needs. For many teams, this means…

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