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  • 5 users included
  • Unlimited Dashboards and Reports
  • 5 GB Data Warehouse
  • 5,000 Data Refreshes per month
  • Files, Web/Social Media Connectors
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  • 25 users included
  • Unlimited Dashboards and Reports
  • 15 GB Data Warehouse
  • 15,000 Data Refreshes per month
  • All Basic plus Web Services and Cloud Apps
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  • 50 users included
  • Unlimited Dashboards and Reports
  • 25 GB Data Warehouse
  • 25,000 Data Refreshes per month
  • Data Streams & Data Hooks
  • All Team + Databases, Enterprise Apps
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More data, higher performance, more users...

Dedicated Hosted

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  • 100 users included
  • Unlimited Dashboards and Reports
  • Starts at 100 GB Data Warehouse up to 4 TB
  • Starts at 50,000 Data Refreshes
  • Dedicated Task Processing Queue
  • All Modules
  • All Connectors
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  • Data hosting in 7 countries around the world.

Dedicated ON PREMISE

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  • 100 users included
  • Unlimited Dashboards and Reports
  • SQL Server or Azure Synapse up to 100 TB
  • Starts at 50,000 Data Refreshes
  • Dedicated Task Processing Queue
  • All Modules
  • All Connectors
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  • Data hosting on your premises or cloud provider

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Get your hands on amazing features

clicdata askai


Query any datasets in natural language and get instant answers to your questions. Our AskAI feature is available in our Data and Dashboards modules and will be included in many other areas of the application to make your analysis faster and easier.

AskAI is included in all plans

platform overview white label

White Label

Configure your fonts and colours to create a truly unique platform for your teams, customers and partners. Always with the quality seal of ClicData.


Add-on available on Enterprise and Dedicated plans. 

clicdata white label

Custom Domain & Email

Make the platform and outbound emails your own with our Custom Domain features. Embark your teams or your clients in your branded data management and analytics environment.

Add-on available on the Team plan and higher. 

webinar connecting apis to clicdata


Connect data from any source with an open API using our Web Services connector in addition to all of our native connectors.

Use ClicData's API to:

  • extract data rows from a dataset and refresh it;
  • get information about your account, dashboards, datasets, schedule and users.
  • create new users, update their detailed information, set the passwords and activate their accounts automatically.

Our API and Web Services connector are available on the Team plan and higher.

Clicdata Customer Support

In-app Support Chat

Our team of in-house data analysts are here to help you with any data management, visualization, or connectivity questions. You can throw any technical questions at them, they know the platform in and out!

Add-on available on Team plan and higher. 

clicdata embedded dashboard website

Embedded Dashboards

Embed interactive dashboards with all the filtering options and widget capabilities into your website or application without a single line of code.

Available in all plans. 

admin single sign on


Single Sign-On

Reinforce the security of your account with a variety of features including SSO, 2-factor Authentication, strong password policy, or IP whitelisting. You can use our SSO feature with Okta, Office 365, Windows Server, WordPress, SAML 2.0, OpenID, and more.

Advanced Security is included on Enterprise plan and higher.

sales scorecard europe dashboard example

User and Team Parameters

Personalize the user experience at the team or individual level and serve only the relevant data to your teams, clients or partners. Jenna from the UK only sees sales numbers in her market, while Jean in France gets access to France and Belgium data. But John, the Head of the EMEA region sees both.

Available in all plans.   

clicdata data templates

Data Templates

Enhance your datasets with pre-built data templates such as Weather, Calendars, Currency Exchange Rates, Maps, Country Demographics or ClicData Activity logs. These templates can be huge time-savours during your data-prepping phase.

Available in all plans. 

pricing sms task


You have now a new way to communicate insights, KPIs and links to your audience!

SMS messages can now be sent via a Schedule or through an Alert. Customization with formulas and links is possible too!

Sending SMS via Schedules or Alerts has a cost which will be added to your subscription. The cost is based on a credit model depending on the destination country.

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