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We are headed where no other data management and analytics platform has thought of going.


Product Webinar: What’s New in 2024? Feature Highlights and Roadmap

Product Webinar: What’s New in 2024? Feature Highlights and Roadmap

January 3, 2024
We're kicking off 2024 strong with demos of the latest features and a sneak peek at our product roadmap! Watch this webinar to see: - a live demo of how...

What's our two-year plan?

Our Road Map is built based on feedback from our customers, our partners, our Professional Services team, the Engineering team, and the Sales team. These are all the key items we currently have on our Road Map for the next 2 years and that we will do our best to deliver:



Sometimes dashboards are not enough!  Product catalogs, balance sheets, profit and loss, audit reports, logs, and many other useful information analyses rely on simple tabular, multi-page reports.

We are working on the next-generation report builder that can be created and integrated as easily as our dashboards.

More Connectors


Here re some of the connectors we are planning on delivering this year:

  • Acrobat PDF
  • Web Pages scraper
  • Amazon Vendor
  • Bamboo HR
  • Databricks
  • Zoho CRM
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Python Engine

Python Engine

The Data Flow module will receive new nodes including a Python processing node where you get to write your Python code and we do the processing for you.

More Mobile Features


Our mobile apps, Android and iOS will receive some attention this year.  New capabilities to add comments, trigger data refreshes, and project your dashboards using AirPlay/Chrome Cast natively.

More Data Stream Targets

Data Streams

Add additional targets for Data Streams such as Google Sheets, Box, OneDrive Personal, OneDrive Business, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Airtable, Smartsheet, Oracle, and MongoDB.



You need to explore. You don't know what you don't know. You need a slicer, dicer, drag and drop, and calculator playground. This is Insights. Dig deep into any data set and discover what it can do for you.

More API Capabilities


Our powerful API will continue to get even more powerful, with additional endpoints and increasing capabilities such as the ability to create any data connection, data flow and data stream via code.

Store data in a Graph DB

Graph DB

Currently under research and development, we are hoping to deliver the ability to store data in a Graph Database for nodal analysis.  This method of storing data has significant advantages when storing complex relationship data.

More Platform Customization Capabilities

White Label

We are constantly looking for ways to make the platform more "yours".  We will allow for customization of many more application modules and UI such as the menu and many other UI elements.

New Automation Features


New automation features that will allow us to integrate with additional notification systems such as Teams and Text Messaging, provide real time alerts on mobile, and more.

Live Docs

Live Docs

Build your perfect PowerPoint presentation, Word document, and Excel spreadsheet, and just embed data wherever you need it; in tables, charts or sections.  Then, let ClicData do the rest including sending them with fresh data to your recipients.

Modern and Animated Dashboards

Dashboard Designer

We are revamping our dashboard designer and rendering engine to allow for more modern rendering, auto grid layout, visualization animations and live annotations. 

Big Data

Big Data

Many of our customers use Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Google BigQuery or Databricks.  We want to offer an Azure Synapse integrated Data Lake option to our Enterprise customers.  

More Visualizations

More Visualizations

We continuously improve the performance and allow more data to be displayed on existing widgets. Table Data Editor, Thermometer, Venn Diagram, Calendar Heat Map, Timeline Chart and more.

Open AI


We are implementing OpenAI to make it easier to build reports, visuals and formulas.  We are also looking at intelligent assistance algorithms that can provide feedback based on the experience and usage data from all users.  

Upcoming Releases

We are constantly updating our platform with new features.

Check out our release schedule and our next update.

Have an idea to improve our platform?

We love to hear suggestions from our users such as new feature suggestions, connectors, or improvements.

Anything that we can bring to our platform and that can make your work easier and faster.

Feature Request

Tell us about the features you'd like us to add to the roadmap