White Label Analytics

Your own Data Management & Analytics Platform in just a few clicks.

Configure your own domain, fonts and colors to create a truly unique platform for your teams, customers and partners.

Always with the quality seal of ClicData.

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What is White Label Analytics?

Turn our platform into yours.  With your login page, your colors, your domain, your email, your fonts and much more.  Our White Label feature transforms what we built into something that is yours; for your clients, your team and your partners.

Your own domain and email

Access your subscription using your own preferred domain and send automated emails from your own email domain as well.

Using your own domain such as analytics.companyname.com can greatly influence the usage and adoption of your work.

For your clients and partners it also shows an increase on your level of service to them.

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Match your website and app style

Our dashboard designer has hundreds of different styling options for your widgets. Your charts, tables, labels, icons, forms and maps can be styled in many ways but sometimes there are exceptions.

Or perhaps you want to change a layout for specific devices or media.

Whatever the reason, with the White Label feature enabled you can use custom CSS embedded directly in your dashboards.

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Your own palette...

Whether you create applications, dashboards or reports, rest assured that you will be able to customize them with the colors you pick.

Our dashboards are a blank canvas for your data creativity and you can style almost any property of your charts, tables and labels.

With the White Label option, you can also style the application itself with your own logos, login screen colors, and more.

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... and your own font too!

We have lots of built in fonts for your dashboards and reports but sometimes only your font will do. We can do that too!

Our custom font manager gives you the ability to reference any fonts available on the web to embed in your dashboards. You can design and publish dashboards using your custom fonts.

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We are the perfect fit for...

Our white label analytics serves various types of consulting firms and public organizations.

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Consulting Firms

Consulting Services

If you run any type of consulting services that requires to share and communicate dashboards to your customers, either in a self-service way or an automated publication way, White Label will make it more professional and be perceived of added-value to your customers.

customers marketing advertising digital

Marketing Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Your customers are data hungry!  Email campaigns, ads, social media, and all other channels generate data and you are on the hook to make sense of it all and communicate it back to them via visualization.

Use White Label to ensure that your customers see your brand first either in self-service or automated mode.