The best of both worlds:
Dashboards & Reports

Visualize any data and KPI with custom and fully interactive dashboards. Create multi-page and pixel-perfect PDF reports with various styles and formats.

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Dataviz, plus the customization
and automation you need

  • Drag & Drop Dashboard Designer

    A designer that allows for full control and configuration of every visualization aspect of your dashboard. Create dashboards for your laptop, mobile device, or large screens.

  • User/Team Parameterization

    Build one dashboard and add user or team parameterization to filter the data automatically depending on the user that accessed the dashboard.

  • Drill-Down and Navigate

    Click on a column in a bar chart or a table and drill-down into your detailed data or a different dashboard. Select a row on a table and filter the entire dashboard. 

  • Add Dashboard Interactions

    Add interactions to your dashboards to open up other applications, dashboards, or even documents. Directly link to a campaign, or a list of contacts, invoices or products from your dashboard.

  • Time & Custom Filtering

    Filter your sales by region or your revenue per channel to get to a more granular performance analysis. Compare performance over time with your own date range – MoM, Fiscal Year, same week last year, totally up to you.

  • Any Data Visualization

    We provide 70+ visualization widgets, each with multiple capabilities and styles so that you can design the perfect dashboard just the way you want it.  

  • Custom CSS

    Our dashboard designer offers hundreds of style possibilities and you can override all items with custom CSS if you do not find what you need.

  • Drag & Drop Report Designer

    A cross-browser report designer gives you ability to create reports with front and back cover pages, groupings, page breaks and much more. 

  • Pixel Perfect PDFs

    Our Report engine generates pixel perfect rendering of the pages so that you are sure to get the exact placement and output of the data fields and calculations.

  • Groups & Pagination Control

    Add up to 10 levels of groups, control pagination before or after group totals, style group sections in any color and style.

  • Calculate Everything

    We offer an extensive library of formulas similar to Excel that allow you to create almost every combination of calculations that you can imagine.

  • Use Images, Charts, Sub-tables

    Insert images, sub-tables* and charts* in your pages to summarize important group or total data.  Sub-tables and charts is currently under development.

  • Total, Subtotal and Grand Totals

    We got those too of course.  We make it easy for you to insert a count, a sum, an average and many other types of aggregations at each grouping level and total.

Build Reports To Add Your Own Insights

Go deeper with Reports to tell the full story. They are perfect for finance reports, product catalogs, expense or transaction detail reports, and so much more.

See Your Data Wherever You Are,
Whenever You Need

Embedded Analytics

Embed dashboards and reports in applications, websites, mobile apps, and intranets.

Access On The Go

With our mobile app, access dashboards from your phone to keep track of metrics that matter, wherever you are, whenever you need.

Automated Publications

Send dashboards to your teams, clients, and stakeholders, ensuring latest data updates, right before having their first-morning coffee.

Highly Secured

Share interactive dashboards with your clients and external stakeholders using secure links, and password protection.

Play with our Drag And Drop
Dashboard Designer

Start visualizing performance, trends, forecasts, and results with charts, gauges, indicators, tables, and much more in just a few minutes. Try it for yourself now!

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