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At ClicData, we are always looking for ambitious and proactive people to whom the word impossible does not make sense. If you believe in focusing on what is essential; if you strive for excellence - the smart way; if you naturally support others and leave your ego at the door; then we'd love to talk to you.

Working at ClicData means...

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Working as Team

Team Work

Working as part of a team means putting in your share of the work, follow and lead when needed and always support joint decisions.

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Learning & Teaching

Learning & teaching

We share our knowledge with everyone so that we can grow and expand. 

As someone wise once said, "It is about giving and receiving." - Joey Tribbiani.

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Continuous Training


We don't mean fitness or weight training!  Training is not about sitting and listening to someone speak but actually taking part in active training sessions, on the job.  It is also about taking time to acquire new skills or refresh existent ones.

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Being Flexible


We offer generous flexible hours, vacation, and personal time off so that you can be more productive when you are working and take the time needed for family and yourself.

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Being Well Prepared

The Best Equipment

Your time is valuable.  Having a slow laptop or crappy equipment does not help anyone and just gets you frustrated. At ClicData, you will get the best equipment possible that is right for the job!

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Working Remotely

Work from Home

Work is work right? Some people enjoy the social aspects of working in an office environment others enjoy the extra time to focus by saving travel time, and others enjoy a little of both.  You will find the right balance.

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Working Globally

Global Teams

Our team and customers are distributed across many countries and regions.  Learning to work with people around the world is exciting and demanding at the same time.

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Available Positions

We are looking to fill some remote and local positions around the world.

Data Analyst

Toronto, Canada

As a Senior Data Analyst, you’ll be working with customers that are using ClicData to implement the product and to train customers on using ClicData.

You will be our product expert and you will work with a team of Data Analysts as part of the Customer Services team to deliver projects for our customers. You will work with customers in different sectors such as financial management, healthcare, manufacturing companies, survey companies and many others, so you will be challenged with various applications and dashboard models while learning about these industries. You will have an opportunity to work with different databases (relational and non-relational), work with different applications from sales tools, marketing tools, ERP systems and many more.

A strong candidate will be proactive about problem-solving, curious, unafraid to ask questions and seek out answers while thriving in a rapidly changing environment.

We are looking for a Software Developer excelling in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Vue.js and with good working knowledge of .NET for the backend.

You will be responsible to create, maintain, optimize and refactor many components of our platform including Dashboard & Report Designers, various application screens and features, enter new modules as well as bug fixing.

You will work as part of a small team of Software Developers and Engineers to augment and improve the platform by adding data viz and data management features. You will work directly with the CTO and other team members to identify, develop and implement the best solutions.

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