Empower your teams
to truly be Data-Driven

Insights make more impact shared! Automatically send dashboards and reports to your teams, clients, and stakeholders so everyone knows what’s happening.

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Become Data-Centric and
Start Driving Business Impact


  • Accessible Dashboards

    Give access to your team, board members or clients to interactive dashboards via live links. Or embed dashboards into your portal or applications.

  • Scheduled Publications

    Automate dashboards and data publication by email or Slack. Send dashboards in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or as an image snapshot. Send custom messages with embedded formulas to every user.

  • Self-Service BI

    Use our application as your company portal for Business Intelligence.  White label the platform to customize the login page, menus, headers, and what the users see and access on their home pages.


  • Automated Data Refreshes

    Set custom schedules to refresh your data and update your dashboards in real-time. Align your office staff and remote teams on a single version of the truth.

  • Automated Alerts

    Becoming data-driven also means being able to act quickly upon changes in performance. Trigger alerts by email or on the mobile app if critical data changes.

  • Automated Sharing

    You can automatically email dashboards and up-to-date data to specific users or teams without even thinking about it.


  • Secured Account Access

    Centralize your security in one place with Single Sign-On. With Two-Factor Authentication you get an extra layer of authentication. Go the extra mile by setting up a strong password policy.

  • User Activity Monitoring

    Keep track of who does what when, what dashboards are viewed and which ones are not. View activity by User, IP address, date/time and action, monitor access to data and dashboards.

  • User Management

    Your account comes with a specific number of users which can be Viewers, Editors or Administrators. Organize your users into teams and set access rights for the entire group making it much easier to manage.

Powering decision-making, at all times with available data

Fresh and up-to-date dashboards, even before having your morning coffee? Or imagine never having to worry anymore about sending your clients’ weekly reports on time?

Say less, we’ve got it covered. Whether it’s refreshing data, running data flows, or sending dashboards & reports by email - schedules can do it all.

Driving business impact, automatically

Do you ever worry about missing a critical drop in your sales figures or having to deal with inconsistent data for days without knowing it?

Let’s change that!

Automated alerts enable you to be notified of any critical data change whether that’s by email, slack, or custom notifications.

Ensuring data security and fostering trust

When it comes to data analytics, data security isn’t an option - it’s a necessity.

At ClicData, security runs in our DNA so you benefit from the highest security standards, comply with privacy regulations, and prevent data loss while enhancing collaboration because insights have more impact shared.

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