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platform data connections


With  connectivity to 250+ platforms, APIs, databases, storage and applications, we are sure to have the connector you need.

All our connectors are native and most include Smart Views™ for rapid optimized data extraction and formatting prior to usage.

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data loader

Data Loader

Connect data from databases behind firewalls, in your network by using our Data Loader and perform one-time or recurrent data synchronizations. Our Data Loader works with the three main OS: Windows, MacOS X, and Linux.

data hooks

Data Hooks

Data Hooks allow for updating Data Tables through webhooks set up in the source data system.

A webhook can send one or more rows of data to a ClicData table every time a new row is added or updated. This ensures that the dataset is refreshed in real-time and updated only when necessary.

For instance, a webhook can be set up in Calendly to add every new meeting booked to a Meetings table in ClicData, which will always be up-to-date this way. Additionally, the table could update a dashboard that presents the distribution of time and team working hours, and send out alerts.

platform overview api


Our industry standard API will give you the additional flexibility of doing things such as Real Time Data, building your own automations and applications and embedding custom security into your own dashboards.

platform overview data flow

Data Flow

The Data Flow module gives you the ability to transform, augment, merge, fusion, filter, clean and improve your data. Select one or more tables as input and drag and drop Data Flow actions using our designer tool to generate one or more output table. Data Cleaning actions give you the ability to shape the data anyway you want as well as add new columns with calculations.

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platform overview data stream

Data Stream

If you want to use our platform to connect to data sets and then send it elsewhere, then the Data Stream is the module for you.

With Data Stream you set up scheduled transmissions or streams of data out to external storage, systems or applications. Imagine connecting to several different sources of data, creating a single view of data that merges all those different types of data and then sends this out to a Google Drive, an Excel, a Database or an FTP site.

With new target systems being added with every release, Data Stream is a powerful tool to add to your data toolbox.

quick insights


Our Insights tool allows you to quickly group, filter, slice-n-dice the data in various ways to explore multiple views of what it can offer, and be intelligently prepared for visualization.

ask ai


ClicData currently works with the Azure Open AI Service to answer queries done in natural language on given datasets.

We send the schema of the dataset chosen in the first query to the service's API. The AI bot answers back with a SQL query, which we then apply on the actual data to generate the results. AskAI is available in multiple modules of the platform, and we're expanding the implementation. Check out our product roadmap →

overview dashboards


No downloads or installations, just use your modern browser on Windows, Mac or Linux, to instantly get started and design your dashboards or pick from our large catalogue of pre-made dashboard layouts and connect your data.

Over 70 smart, drag-n-drop widgets can be used to build awesome, interactive and clear dashboards.

overview reports


Our online report designer gives you the power to create reports with headers, sections, groupings and more. Design front and back cover pages, format and style to your liking.

Perfect for those multi page PDF reports that need to be generated weekly or monthly, this module will save you hours of preparation work and will allow you to publish reports automatically to your end users.

platform overview schedule


Set schedules for data refreshes, sending data out, publishing dashboards and reports, sending emails and notifications with key performance indicators and much more, with the Schedule module.

overview alerts


The Alert module monitors your data and sends emails and notifications to selected users based on criteria you set in advance.

This real-time system is unique as it allows you to define multiple ways to send the alert, from Email, to Slack, In-App notifications, mobile applications, etc.


All dashboards can be accessible on your mobile and tablet online via live link or directly from the mobile app.

ClicData mobile app is available on Apple Store and Play Store.

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Secure & Private by design

Our business is keeping your data secured. We partner with Microsoft Azure to ensure the highest level of physical and software security possible for your data; in-transit or at-rest.

Learn more about our Trust Center, a set of processes, tools and people focused around everything from our certification and compliance programs including ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA and more.

Performant & Scalable

Data grows. Your business grows. We grow with you.  Need more processing power or more storage?  No problem we can scale up in minutes to ensure you get the best performance possible. Upgrade to new plans or increase your resources with ClicData.


White Label Analytics

Whether it is for your own company or for your clients, you can make our platform your analytics platform with our white label feature.

Customize everything from login screen to appearance of all dashboards and reports.

Embed it in your

Dashboards and Reports can easily be embedded in any portal or application that supports standard HTML frames or DIVs.

Use Single Sign On (SSO) or ClicData's Live Link Parameters to securely pass data to be used in filters or calculations on a dashboard or report.


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