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Basic Team Enterprise Dedicated
User Licenses
Admins, Editors, or Viewers. Purchase more if needed.
Purchase more storage if needed.
5 GB15 GB25 GB100+ GB
Data Refreshes
Per month and per table (unlimited rows). Buy more as needed.
Data Flows
Transform, clean, combine, split data
Document & Media Storage
A Data Lake for all your structured and unstructured data
Build amazing interactive dashboards with over 70 widgets
Create multi-page PDFs pixel perfect reports
Dashboard Live Links
Embed dashboards in apps, portals and web sites
Ask AI
Explore data by asking questions in any language
Mobile and Excel Plugin
Android and iOS mobile app, bring live data to Excel
Data Stream
Push data to external systems and databases
Data Hooks
Create webhooks from your data sources to update tables in real-time
Files & Storage Connectors
Spreadsheets, CSVs, XML, JSON and more
Social Media & Marketing Connectors
LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. View List
Web Services Connectors
REST, SOAP, GraphQL and OData
Cloud Applications Connectors
Pipedrive, Survey Monkey, and many others. View List
Databases Connectors
SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and more. View List
Cloud Databases Connectors
Google BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake and more. View List
Enterprise Apps Connectors
HubSpot, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more. View List
In-App Chat & Support Sessions
Chat with our support team or book sessions
Onboarding Packages
Let our team of data analysts build it for you
Custom Domain & Email
Use your own domain and server to send emails
Advanced Security
SIngle Sign On using SAML/OIDC, System Audit Reports
White Label
Make it your branded data analytics platform
API Calls
Number of API calls per month. Buy more as needed.
Number of addresses to convert to coordinates per month.
Send alerts or metrics automatically by SMS

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