Success Story: Beeby Clark+Meyler & ClicData

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    Cost-effective. Intuitive. Unparalleled support. Fast ramp-up. Centralized integral solution. Real-time reporting.

    These are just a few of the benefits lauded by Beeby Clark+Meyler, a New-York based marketing agency, for the ClicData data visualization solution they installed to provide current, relevant and actionable reports to their clients.

    Beeby Clark+Meyler has helped major brands and mobile apps increase leads and revenues with interactive websites, effective online advertising programs, and social campaigns. The ClicData solution they chose engaged their entire range of marketing efforts: website management, SEO, online advertising, social campaigns, paid search, and more.

    The company had several challenges to overcome, data-wise.

    They were pulling data from Google Analytics and many other analytical tools at the same time. Like most companies with a little history, data arrived formatted in a myriad of ways and was sometimes hard to capture at all.

    They needed dashboards for internal reporting as well: reporting the KPIs to monitor and optimize campaign parameters in real time.

    They also needed a solution that would provide performance reporting to share with clients weekly, yet be available for their clients to review, as needed, 24/7.

    Beeby Clark+Meyler SEO Manager, Ken Schaefer, was very satisfied with the ClicData solution. “Proactive and good quality support was definitely a big deciding factor for us,” he said, “especially when it came to selecting the right formula. ClicData not only answered my questions but gave me additional insights on the incredible ETL capability of the platform.”

    Before ClicData, Beeby Clark+Meyler relied on analytical tools from Google, Facebook, and other platforms and then was forced to mix and match data points manually in Excel.

    After installing their ClicData dashboard solution, they save time and money, and access real-time data points, actionable insights and key performance indicators from an integrated virtual data warehouse.

    • All data sources updated automatically
    • Faster report creation
    • Dynamic KPI monitoring in-house
    • Tremendous time-saving from eliminating manual tasks
    • Extra convenience and insights to clients
    • Sophisticated ETL functionality
    • Data from disparate sources sourced as one

    As a result of installing a ClicData solution, 25% of Beeby Clark+Meyler clients are now using ClicData for their dashboarding needs.