Essentials of Marketing Dashboards

Table of Contents

    Don’t let that pretty face fool you.

    Yup, I’m talking about dashboards, of course. And this time, I’m talking about how that beautiful digital exterior can be an incredible marketing tool to provide you and your clients with relevant, high-level information with easy-on-the-eyes visuals.

    Let’s start with the basics. A marketing dashboard lets you see at a glance all of your clients’ campaign information that you — or they — may want at any point in time. You no longer have to switch between different marketing software to see how different campaigns are performing. Whether it’s the status of branding programs, lead nurturing efforts, or social media campaigns, you’ll get on-demand reporting, whenever it’s needed.

    With a custom-designed and intuitive display, and supported by information streams that are updated in real-time, you get all of your KPIs and critical metrics at your fingertips.

    Three types of metrics are invaluable for marketing dashboards. Online marketing metrics, like click-through rates, keep your finger on the pulse of performance. Soft metrics, like brand awareness and customer satisfaction, keep you informed about your impact and reach. Hard metrics, like Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value of current campaigns, helps keep everyone on track with the financials.

    Marketing dashboards also improve team performance by providing more clear-cut guidance for decision-making and by bolstering a sense of ownership in all stakeholders due to having the information they need to move forward when they need it.
    Optimal dashboards give them immediate feedback for performance improvements and agile response tactics. Customized marketing dashboards provide everyone involved with the insights to spot trends, to seize opportunities and to avert potential problems.

    Perhaps more importantly, marketing dashboards impress clients by providing the results of complex analytical, data-driven reporting delivered in inviting, intuitive displays that tell their story.

    ClicData dashboards are exceptional tools in the marketing environment. Fully customizable, you can display the data in the ways that your client wants or needs to see it. Filter data, share with relevant groups, and funnel the results for ease of use and greatest impact — all with an incredibly intuitive set-up process.

    With its powerful online data-warehousing engine, you’ll likely be able to reduce or eliminate the need for in-house, custom applications and their exorbitant upkeep and maintenance costs.