How much are YOU ready to spend during this holiday season?

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    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas season, nowadays they are synonyms of big spending in stores and increased business in most of the world, as well as shopping records broken!

    Let’s look at the e-commerce sales numbers from this year in the USA and how it kicked off the holiday seasons for retailers through one of our very own ClicData Dashboards.

    The general trend over the last 3 years definitively shows a steady increase in spending at the beginning of the holiday season, the week from Thanksgiving to CyberMonday alone had over $6.5B spent on e-commerce, a straight $1.2B increase compared to last year!

    According to, the estimate average Christmas spending by American this year is $781 and is quite a bump from last year estimate which was $704.

    People are definitively taking the opportunity of this festive discount time of the year, boosted by recent economic confidence as USA is recovering from the last economic crisis.

    On another note, Cyber Monday could probably be renamed Mobile Monday as noted in this year’s IBM report “Cyber Monday mobile traffic accounted for 41.2 percent of all online traffic, up 30.1 percent over 2013. Mobile sales were also strong, reaching 22 percent of total Cyber Monday online sales, an increase of 27.6 percent year-over-year.”

    If your online shop does not fully support mobile & tablets browsers, you should probably consider having it done for next year as the mobile trend is only going to get bigger!

    As for us, we wish you Happy Dashboarding and a merry Christmas!