ClicData New Feature! Automate your Dashboards & Reporting with our Scheduler.

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    Today I will present you how to make your dashboards & reporting run automatically with ClicData i4.

    After connecting your data sources and creating a dashboard, you have the possibility to automate the data refresh and the distribution of your dashboard through the Schedule control panel in ClicData.

    Your dashboards now have a life on their own and you now have more time to focus on more important tasks ;-).

    One of the major improvements with this version is that you can now manage all of your schedules in one place.


    Step 1, set up your schedule

    Your first step will be to determine when the schedule will happen through the properties panel. The advanced mode will give you a lot of possibilities in terms of scheduling your tasks.

    As a free user you can set up only one schedule, upgrading your account will get you to create as many as you want.


    Step 2, set up your tasks

    The second step is to set up the tasks which will be executed in that schedule. In the example above, as we are working with a data source, two actions are possible.

    • Recreate data:the old dataset you were using will be replaced with the new version you are importing (remember, older versions are not deleted but kept in your ClicData sources history in case you need to rollback to it at any point).
    • Append data: your new data will be added to the current data sources you will be appending.

    Finally you will notice an On / Off button for each of your schedule, this will allow you to easily manage your schedules if you ever need to stop or restart them.

    Once you are done… click save and there you go, your data will be automatically refreshed and your dashboards will be showing your latest numbers! It’s that easy 🙂

    How this whole feature going to be useful for you? Well, you can now sort your schedules the same way you sort your teams or projects. You can assign each schedules to a specific project or dashboard and easily turn them on or off, add modifications or transformations to a specific set of data, when your reports are being sent etc.

    In a nutshell it gives you more control over automating ClicData so it takes care of the boring and repetitive aspects of your analytics for you.

    Oh! And if you don’t like screenshots, feel free to watch the video below about this feature!

    Happy Dashboarding!