ClicData New Feature! Users & Teams

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    Today, let’s talk about our brand new Users & Teams facility!

    The new ClicData does not only account for users but also groups of related users, mostly businesses or departments within a business. We are moving from a “user-centric” to a “company-centric” application.

    As such we have added a brand new feature that allows the administrator to manage dashboards, data sources, and users permissions for the whole company.

    Each paying subscription will now come with a number of Licenses that can be distributed from the administrator account.

    Your users can be of 2 types, “Editors” which have the capability to create, edit and manage dashboards and data sources and “Viewers” who only have access to the dashboards without the possibility to edit them.

    Last but not least superpower of the administrator: the ability to create “Teams” of “Users”.  It is basically the same concept as a distribution list but tailored for ClicData and its features.

    For example, if you wish to share a certain number of dashboards related to sales, you can create a team ‘Sales – Europe’ in which you will add your sales staff responsible for Europe.

    When sharing a sales-related Dashboard you will be able to directly select the Team “Sales Europe” as its recipient where in our old system you needed to add all the recipients one by one.

    Bottom line is, you will get to manage your ClicData dashboards easily, whether you want to share a report with your clients or manage dashboards for the different branches in your company. You can add, remove or reassign any license at any time directly within your administration interface.

    With that, we are convinced that our “Teams & Users” will bring our users the flexibility they need for their business.

    And as a bonus, for those who have not seen i4 yet (we are taking more and more people in everyday), here is a video preview of the feature!

    Happy Dashboarding!