Restore your lost dashboards with ClicData i4!

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    Dear ClicData Aficionados,

    This week we are going to have a look at a very neat feature that a lot of you have been asking for!

    As you know, ClicData keeps a history of the different versions of each data sources that you connect to ClicData. If need be, all you have to do is to rollback to the previous data set and your dashboards & reports are still working perfectly fine!

    The good news is, we now have extended this feature to the dashboards as well!

    If you delete a dashboard, you can still recover it by clicking on the view deleted dashboards link in your dashboard panel: it is REALLY easy to do.
    You will also have the possibility to delete your dashboards forever if you are absolutely sure you don’t need them.

    And as usual, here is a very quick video to show you how this feature works.


    What else is new? We will be allowing more users to join the i4 Test Drive in the following days, we are very happy with all the feedback that we are getting and were already able to improve a lot of features on our widgets, so stay tuned, we will deliver more information about i4 very shortly!

    Happy Dashboarding!