French companies are finally keen on Cloud solutions!

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    French companies are finally keen on Cloud solutions!

    It’s quite exciting to see French companies becoming more natural at consuming business services on the Cloud. While the B2C services powered through a while ago, B2B applications took a little longer to make an impact. Changing French corporate habits is challenging for sure but what took time and sometimes still requires some convincing is reassuring IT folks of their level of control when business data sits outside of the company walls and firewalls.

    Don’t be afraid!
    Your data is safe with us. Here are a few of the many reasons why French companies feel safe with us:

    – From a hosting standpoint: we work with experts in the field, Microsoft Azur and OVH.
    That means having the right hosting coverage, power and security certificates.

    – From an industry standpoint: we were audited by big players in the pharma and finance industry. If these highly protective sectors can trust us, everyone can!

    – From an application standpoint: when importing data from behind the firewall, we propose a very safe technic with which the channels of communication between locally installed databases and ClicData are only open when the data is being updated. More on our data loader application.

    After all, it’s not so much about having your data sitting inside your company but more importantly knowing exactly where it sits. We are the first and only business intelligence solution allowing new users to select their data location at sign up time.

    The safety concerns out of the way, more and more French companies turn into ClicData addicts.
    Check out the video testimony of one of them!

    ClicData is ready
    Not just France: Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Portugal too!
    Our multilingual solution can serve your BI needs in up to 5 languages: English, French, Germany, Spanish and Portuguese. More about that in my next blog.

    Happy dashboarding!