How Creating Business Dashboards Has Been Made Easy

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    Retaining an old dashboard gives you a hard time coping with and keeping up with the efficiency that the current environment demands. Don’t miss out on the benefits of new dashboards that are easy to understand, have a better layout, and increase efficiency in businesses. Some of the ways to achieve this are:

    Dynamic collaboration teams
    You can now share your thoughts by adding comments on your live dashboard and go on to share them with clients and colleagues after a few clicks. That brings ease and convenience of connecting with stakeholders within a shorter period.

    Automated data management
    When you schedule your refresh dates and times on the dashboard, you are in a position to log into a vast number of databases and systems among them being Google Drive, Facebook, files on Dropbox, Google Analytics, MySQL, Salesforce, and Oracle, among others.

    Smart Editor
    It is possible to connect to your data from whichever source, and when this happens, it creates live dashboards and reports for your business. In addition to this, you can drag and drop indicators on your workspace for timely responses to issues that arise.

    Live alerts
    These ensure that if any indicator goes beyond a defined level, a warning or alert will appear immediately. That is achievable by laying down a set of rules that relay alerts to you by notification or email, which will help you to give preference to key indicators, as soon as possible. Reach out for more details.