ClicData versus Tableau/Qlikview

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    One of the questions most often asked of us is “what is the difference between ClicData and other dashboard tools such as Tableau and Qlikview?”.

    To summarize we will mention cost and time. But what exactly makes us more cost efficient and faster to implement than our competitors? It is just not the fact that we are 100% cloud based and readily accessible from any device and network. It is because we built ClicData from the ground up to be a multi-tenant software with all the necessary functionality required to connect datasets, add transformations, cleanse data, create temporary data staging areas, a built in API capable of receiving data in real time, a simple yet powerful dashboard editor with over 50 visualizations, an automated data refresh and dashboard publication scheduling system, an alert system, a user management facility capable of displaying data on a per user or per team basis and the ability to do all this from Windows, Mac or Linux.

    Phew! That is a lot right? Well… Actually that is the bare minimum you need for a truly useful business intelligence and dashboard system and it is all made available to you in less than 5 minutes.

    Now you can compare he same functionality with Tableau and Qlikview only to find out that before you get started you will need to… Purchase the software for the full year license on Windows only. Hmm… What if it can’t do what I want? What if I use a Mac? What if I want to distribute it to many users? Well then you can purchase a server with Tableau server or Qlikview ‘ server components on…. You guessed it: windows servers. This is starting to add up right? A server machine, running Windows server is costly as it starts to run in the 10 thousand dollars or more per year. And who is going to install and configure the system and its security? Guess I need to hire a Tableau server expert. The bill for Tableau server is already up on the 40 thousand and more not counting maintenance. And the timeline to do all this? At least 2 months assuming that all hardware and software is purchased and delivered on time and selection and training of experts and support staff is done quickly.

    But is just about the difference between on premise versus Cloud?

    No. Just because you purchased Tableau does not mean that all data can be imported easily from wherever it sits. Some connectors both Qlikview and Tableau have built in native connectors like ClicData. But others you will need to purchase them and install/configure them for each user. Or you will need to purchase a database (Oracle, SQL server, etc) that can store the data (a data warehouse) that Tableau can connect to. So who is building and installing this data warehouse? Who or what is responsible to make sure the data is refreshed every minute or every day? Here come the interface specialists and more servers and more licenses. A database server with all the required tools for such a data warehouse will start in the 20 thousand and more! And of course let’s not forget maintenance and configuration for which you will need to train and/or hire/subcontract help.

    Alright so we are ready to go now? Hmmm nope not yet. Assuming you want these dashboards to be distributed and seen by your users (typically the purpose of building dashboards in the first place) you will need to put in place some security tied in with the data and dashboards. Also you will need a portal or a web server that users can access (ie where your users login and get access to the dashboards. Or even better, a mobile app that alerts users when a new dashboard is available or data is refreshed.

    Unfortunately for you that is not part of the base package of many of our competitors. So you are off to purchase something that works with your network’s security and that can integrate with your chosen solution in a seamless way. By seamless it means a few consultants working for a few weeks to integrate security and working with your dashboard specialists to make sure it all works together. A new server is required if you don’t already have a SharePoint server or something similar in place. Yes, unfortunately it means a few more thousands of dollars.

    So it’s not only because it is Cloud.

    ClicData is a cloud system but it is a full data and dashboard system from end to end, made to deliver a ready to use data warehouse from 25gb of data to terabyte sized in a few minutes. And for a fraction of the cost. See it in action and try it!

    The bottom line is that the world is no longer a Windows on premise only world. Our data is inside the enterprise and in many cloud systems. We use macs and tablets and mobiles and Windows and even TVs and watches. Dashboards can’t be only made by Windows applications that require installation on powerful workstations. It needs to be easily accessed from any browser in any operating system.

    ClicData is made for the new generation of companies and professionals that understand that agility and cost efficiency is key to produce better products and generate revenue.