Tracking Project Resources for Greater Success

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    Every business has a finite number of resources available to work toward the completion of projects. These resources include people, materials, expertise, and time, and they all require extreme care of management to achieve the greatest level of efficiency. The crux of effective resource management is the resource allocation plan. This plan should help you determine whether your project resources are being allocated to their best use.

    So, are your project resources being allocated the right way? Your answer is critical to the success of your current, and future, projects. If you aren’t tracking your resources with effective, dedicated data tracking applications you are likely overlooking gaps in productivity. Without the proper tools to scrutinize each move toward progress you cannot be certain of which resources are doing the job effectively and which are creating unnecessary hindrances to your success.
    Time tracking is a particularly important component in resource tracking because of its unique ability to inform estimations of future projects. By tracking the hours each team member is putting into different activities the project manager can build an understanding of the performance and average time used per person per activity. With this data future task allocation becomes simplified as the data informs the assignment.

    Dashboards for project management – like those offered by ClicData – help alleviate the confusion of resource tracking by supplying customizable analysis that suits your needs. By creating project dashboards to share critical information you can meet your goals more efficiently. You can also input and merge data into visualizations that beautifully summarize your tracking for easy visual analysis. With the right tracking tools and a good management plan your potential for success is limitless

    If you would like to learn more about project allocation plans and how ClicData can help, please contact us today.