Why Do Clients Need More BI Consulting Training?

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    A BI consultant wears a lot of hats, but which one is the most important to his clients? After all, he consults with clients on their business needs, creates and designs reports and analytics, and evaluates BI tools that best serve their business objectives.

    But his main task just may be to retrieve tremendous amounts of data, and deliver it in easy-to-consume reports and analytics that feed most business’ voracious appetite for cost-saving, performance-enhancing, insights and indicators. His greatest value — from his client’s point of view — is for delivering those tools that query data super fast, efficiently, easily, and profitably.

    And for providing the training that hits the mark to make the software work and to make everyone more effective at their job.

    Finding the right dashboard software can serve many of these purposes at once. If you’ve ever deployed new software to scores of business managers and stakeholders, only to discover that something is wrong, you’re aware of this. Despite all the time, effort and money that went into purchasing software licenses and deploying the technology, did the clients actually use — and benefit from — the new tool? Or did most of your intended users revert to their old Excel spreadsheets to build their reports?

    Sophisticated dashboard software, with an intuitive user-interface, and the ability to connect an extended array of data sources, can boost a company’s happiness factor, both in the trenches and in the boardroom. ClicData dashboards are easy to learn and intuitive to master. They deliver valuable insights, help business leaders and stakeholders manage and monitor the details of their jobs. They deliver real-time analytics that inform sharp decision-making.

    ClicData webinars are online classes that take place every week to walk you through the key steps of building a dashboard.
    Learn it now so you can teach it to your clients later.