Top 21 ClicData Integrations For Your 2022 Business Reporting

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    Since we started in 2015, we’ve been helping companies build holistic reporting by bringing them a full-featured business intelligence platform that is easy to get started with and easy to scale.

    We enable businesses of all sizes—without the need for an army of consultants—to incorporate their data into a single data warehouse, create visualizations, and publish dashboards for both internal and external users.

    We know that exporting and consolidating data from multiple sources is usually a daunting task that prevents many from reaping the benefits of working with a single, secure integrated data warehouse. That’s why we offer native connectors to connect the most popular SaaS and cloud software on the market to our business intelligence solution. In fact, we currently provide more than 250 connectors to business applications, social media platforms, and databases—and more are on their way.

    You might wonder why you’d need yet another reporting tool when you already have so many applications that have built-in analytics and dashboards. The answer is that they are not BI solutions! Sure, they give you metrics, but business intelligence is not their main purpose. Sure, they provide some useful insights, but they stop short of giving you the full picture of your business performance.

    It’s very common for businesses, even SMEs, to be working with 20 different SaaS applications—and the trend shows no sign of slowing. Businesses will inevitably collect more and more data and have data silos in the years to come, and that’s not going to make reporting any easier.

    Marketing data is already all over the place – social media, email systems, CRM, ads, and more. – which makes reporting very challenging

    The good news is that you can easily leverage all of the data you collect with ClicData’s business intelligence solution.

    Unlike other business intelligence software, ClicData is 100% cloud-based and allows you to quickly connect data from all of your systems and create your first dashboards—all within minutes and without the need for IT help. With ClicData, you will never get lost in spreadsheets again.

    Below are 21 of our top ClicData Integrations for business reporting—to help you leverage the power of your data!

    Marketing integrations

    Marketers know too well that there are a lot of strategies and a lot of software—email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, and customer satisfaction surveys, to name a few—that make the marketing wheels turn.

    Most marketing tools provide tracking and analytics, but none of them help you see the big picture of how your marketing department or your business as a whole is performing.

    And because marketers have to collect data from a variety of sources, marketing reporting can be overwhelming. But with ClicData, the overwhelm becomes a thing of the past. By providing an intuitive platform to centralize your marketing data, you easily create beautiful, up-to-date marketing dashboards with customized KPIs, such as Customer Lifetime Value, ROAS, MQL-to-SQL conversion rate, Churn Rate, and more.

    Top Marketing Connectors

    1. Google Analytics: Track your visitors, conversions, and generated revenue. Compare your revenue or conversions over time.

    2. Google Search Console: Measure the performance of your organic search engine (SEO) strategy and overall search engine performance.

    3. Facebook: Track your page’s daily metrics, fans by country, engagement by post. Connect your Facebook data with other marketing data.

    4. Facebook ads: Create campaigns and track your KPIs, such as impressions, reach, spend per campaign, cost per click.

    5. Instagram for Business: Extract account-level information such as follows and followers, media information such as likes and comments, and much more.

    6. MailChimp: Monitor your email campaign performance at any time, including open rate, unsub rate, click-to-open rate, bounce rate, and more.

    7. Survey Monkey: Create surveys and collect valuable insights from your customers.

    Find out how easy it is to connect your Marketing apps with ClicData.

    Sales integrations

    Monitoring sales and revenue is critical to making strategic decisions and growing your business. Sales teams are very familiar with reporting, and most CRM tools provide strong sales analytics and decent sales dashboards.

    But given the central role of sales in every company, sales revenue is intrinsically linked to other activities, such as marketing, support, and customer service. The problem is that sales and marketing tasks are usually conducted by different teams and are usually supported by different software. And those differences cause gaps in effectiveness and missed opportunities.

    ClicData lets you combine all of your sales, marketing, financial, or even customer service data in order to become a more informed, data-driven organization.

    Top Sales Connectors

    8. Salesforce: Import all of your CRM data and harness its potential with extremely precise sales dashboards.

    9. HubSpot: Explore your data gathered by HubSpot more deeply with ClicData.

    10. Ring Central: Include user call logs and company call logs in your sales dashboard.

    11. SugarCRM:  Measure the ROI of your sales and marketing efforts by combining SugarCRM data with other data sources, such as your invoicing system, e-commerce, and web analytics data.

    Find out how easy it is to connect your Sales apps with ClicData.

    Financial integrations

    Bank transactions. Expenses. Invoices. Payments. Purchase orders. Tax rates.

    Sound familiar? If so, you’re probably acquainted with QuickBooks, Xero, or FreshBooks—excellent cloud-based financial software that cover a broad spectrum of a company’s financial needs, from invoices to payment tracking.

    Yet, although they help millions of companies manage their finances, QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks users often feel limited by the reporting they provide.

    As a 100% cloud-based solution, ClicData is a Business Intelligence tool designed for small and medium-sized businesses that can help you do much more with your financial reporting.

    Top Financial Reporting Connectors

    12. QuickBooks Online: Merge your QuickBooks financial data with other KPIs to create comprehensive dashboards.

    13. Xero: Generate automated financial dashboards, including Xero data.

    14. FreshBooks: Import your FreshBooks data into ClicData with our native connector.

    Find out how easy it is to connect your Financial apps with ClicData.

    Database integrations

    There are many ways to collect, store, and structure your company data, and you can choose among many types of databases according to your business needs—SQL, relational, object-based, and so on.

    The next step is to get your data to “talk” so you can make better business decisions. With ClicData, you can pull data from all of your business databases, organize it in a secured data warehouse, transform raw data, and so much more. When you connect your databases with ClicData, you can extract and transform your raw data into intelligible KPIs for your business users.

    ClicData is also a great fit for organizations working with large tables (millions or billions of rows) that need a high-performing platform. Learn more about our Enterprise plan, which includes a dedicated server.

    Top Database Connectors

    15. Snowflake: Connect Snowflake to ClicData to execute complex queries, extract meaningful insights from your database, and translate it into beautiful interactive dashboards.

    16. MS Access: Connect your sales, transactions, employee, and operations data to combine them with metrics from sales, marketing, and financials.

    17. Amazon Redshift: Connect this high-level data warehouse service to ClicData to extract valuable data and automate dashboards.

    18. Oracle: Easily import your data into ClicData to turn it into in-depth reports and dashboards that give you the big picture of your business’ performance, so you can make more precise and effective decisions.

    19. Google BigQuery: Add automation and visualization with ClicData and display your Google BigQuery query results in interactive dashboards.

    20. MySQL: Connect MySQL with ClicData to create your queries using an interactive UI. Turn your data into useful, comprehensible dashboards.

    21. MongoDB: Increase productivity and communication by leveraging your MongoDB data with ClicData.

    Find out how easy it is to connect your databases with ClicData.

    Did any of our connectors catch your attention? If you want to try them, you can create a free trial account (no credit card required) and start connecting your data right away. I also invite you to check our complete list of connectors here!