Is it Time to Centralize Your Data?

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    It’s time to take a serious look at the advantages of gathering your clients’ disparate and disconnected data resources and connecting them into a single, centralized data warehouse.

    Probably the single greatest advantage of centralizing data management is that it can seriously reduce worry about data integrity. They say that data redundancy should never be allowed, yet it comes with the package if your clients have independently built separate databases for sales, support, finance, accounting and more. By centralizing their data, you can reduce or eliminate redundancy, which in turn minimizes errors and simplifies access. In sales and marketing especially, this means that they’ll only maintain one primary record for each customer, client, member, or associate, promising consistency of information and ease of entering changes and updates.

    Almost as important as data integrity is the accuracy and reliability of the reports and insights that you can generate from the data. Analytics and reporting are often at the top of an organization’s list of reasons for obtaining help with BI. If they want to track KPIs in meaningful ways, the technology to provide them with meaningful insights will require a centralized database.

    Beyond that, certain departments don’t feel they get the recognition they seek as a revenue-generating operation. But with a centralized database, they’ll have access to impressively accurate, real-time relevant, and actionable insights that can help to drive important business decisions. Insightful, reliable analytics make a real difference in the bottom line.

    Many organizations wanting to streamline business processes and boost productivity are integrating enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). A fully-integrated system gives a complete view of each customer, from needs, buying habits and order history to preferences and account standing. That means that your client’s organization has accelerated access to critical information that can inform and uptick their performance.

    ClicData delivers a powerful, centralized data warehouse solution that connects disparate data into an efficient, unified and incredibly reliable resource. With its integrated, intuitive dashboard editor, you can seamlessly access the data you need and deliver relevant, real-time analytics and KPI indicators to those who need them when they need them.