Good SaaS Finish Last? Jumpstart Your Dashboards with ClicData!

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    It seems that in the last several years, companies are on the prowl for software and processing systems that require less startup work. Data analysts are looking for ways to decrease their workload of manually building dashboards and syncing them with large amounts of data. In today’s business world, companies are not as concerned with utilizing complicated software. They are more concerned with finding the “correct” software.

    Recently a new generation of Business Intelligence tools has appeared. They prove to be an asset to any business because less time is spent building dashboards from scratch and manually merging them with data and business analyses. Dashboards are already integrated into the system, and the users can simply create designs with a “drag and drop” feature.
    They are given a choice of different widgets, such as tables, charts, gauges, indicators, specialty charts, images, audio and video, infographics, and annotations. The customization tools are also integrated and they allow companies to display their own graphics and logos.

    Within minutes, the dashboards will merge and connect with large quantities of data. Since they are based on the Cloud, it allows authorized users simple access to the online dashboard. The administrators can also restrict certain users from gaining access to certain areas of the site using a simple user management panel.

    In addition, users can take advantage of those new tools on mobile. Like the desktop/laptop interface, the mobile interface also utilizes the auto-refresh feature, making it possible for users to stay updated on changing reports.

    If you haven’t yet, feel free to try out ClicData! And get from data to actionable reports in just a few minutes!