Take Your BI Platform Into the 21st Century

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    Choosing a successful business intelligence solution may depend on what works best for your company, but the advantages of modern over traditional BI platforms are hard to ignore. Traditional BI platforms rely on massive, complex data warehouses and constant IT assistance, whereas modern BI gives you and your users more control. Also, in comparison to the modern BI approach, the traditional system is supremely inferior in the speed of data loading and flexibility of data retrieval. Read on for a breakdown of the top reasons why to consider upgrading your existing traditional data system.

    1. Eliminate Lengthy On-Site Installations

    With a modern BI platform, your data can live and connect in a fully optimized cloud. There’s no need for on-site installations and countless configurations. If your company’s data is held by several online services you can easily integrate them into the cloud space, creating easy access to your network.

    1. User-friendly

    No need to rely on IT to deal with your data warehouse. The modern BI platform is sometimes referred to as “self-service BI”, and with good reason – significant training is not required to work directly in the in-memory system of the modern BI.

    1. Faster

    Reading and writing data using the traditional BI platform requires the use of physical or virtual disks. Since the modern BI model relies on memory (RAM) for data storage it reads and writes data at a higher speed.

    1. Freedom of Experimentation

    Without the cumbersome presence of a data warehouse data prototyping and experimental projects don’t have to take the back burner while IT focuses on the basics. With the freedom of modern BI, you can pull and combine new data for data prototyping and sandbox analytics.

    1. Benefits of the Cloud

    The sharing and using potential increases exponentially with the use of the modern BI platform. With the increased use of mobile devices, the cloud is accessible to anyone at any time, allowing data sharing and analytics to occur

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