ClicData, an alternative to Dasheroo

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    ClicData, an alternative to Dasheroo

    With Dasheroo shutting down, many dashboard users will be looking for a new long term solution for their company metrics.

    Similar to Dasheroo, ClicData offers a free plan that can handle data on your spreadsheets and delimited file exports as well as many other additional features that Dasheroo users can now benefit from. Features such as:

    Centralize data in one place without paying for Zapier or other connectors (we have over 100 connectors)
    • Dashboard embedding in any web site or web application
    • Over 50 visualization charts, tables, indicators and other dashboard parts
    •  Team collaboration: Create groups of users, share your dashboards based on assigned parameters, or use the comment section on each dashboard to interact.
    • Automation: Automatically update your data sources, data transformations, and dashboard publication
    • And many more…
    Unlike Dasheroo, we provide more functionality across the process of getting to your data all the way to distributing your dashboard. We are also focused on all types of data, not just on marketing data. You can use ClicData for financial, HR, CRM, logistics and many other types of dashboards.

    Take a look at some of our examples here.

    We shared Dasheroo’s vision and passion for measuring your business metrics and that is exactly what we will do for you

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