Key Indicators in your Sales Dashboard

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    Sales dashboards can help you refine and streamline the efforts of your sales team by giving you the bird’s eye view of your department’s performance.

    But they can also help you track metrics, effectiveness, and results for each rep on your team.

    These invaluable insights can serve to highlight which practices are returning the best results and which ones need anything from a slight refinement to a complete overhaul.

    You can prevent performance issues from escalating into more serious impediments to productivity and sales as well as recognize where your sales reps need additional coaching and guidance.

    If used wisely, the metrics in your sales dashboard help you keep your department on track, streamlined and optimized.

    Typically, the dashboard gives you an informed, visual representation of your most significant sales metrics pertaining to categories such as product lines, sales, and performance for each salesperson.

    By tracking these metrics over time, you’ll reap the greatest benefit they can offer: helping you improve performance and revenues.

    So what sales metrics matter the most? Here are a few that we find especially effective for both the bird’s eye view of your department and for tracking individual performance of your sales team:

    KPIs For the Sales Department

    • New Leads: The number of fresh leads coming into your sales department each month
    • New Opportunities: The number of new, qualified opportunities created in the month
    • Conversion Rate: New customers divided by the number of qualified leads
    • Real Revenue: New accounts, additions to existing accounts, and new renewal business

    KPIs For Each Member of the Sales Team

    • Lead Response Time: How quickly does your team respond to inquiries
    • Rate of Contact: How many opportunities are your reps generating per 1k calls?
    • Rate of Following up Leads: How many calls are logged per lead?
    • Clicks from Sales Emails: How many links to meaningful content are the rep embedding in follow-up emails that actually re-engage customers?
    • Social Media Usage: The more involved with social media, the more effective the rep.
    • Close Ratio: An exceedingly important metric to measure sales performance.

    Need to see those sales KPIs in action through live examples? Here are a few Sales & Retail Dashboards to check!

    Happy Dashboarding!

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