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    We continually work to enrich ClicData with new features that broaden its scope and ease of use for you! We’re very excited about our newest feature, Data to Dashboard! This new addition can help you get your dashboards up and running faster than ever.

    Check it out…

    We understand that those first few steps of setting up a dashboard can be stressful. You want to select just the right visualization tool that suits your needs and your data. But which one should you pick? A simple table? Or maybe a pie chart or a graph is the better choice?

    The Data to Dashboard tool comes to the rescue! This feature will give you suggestions to help you choose the best visualization tool to display, based on the type of data you have to work with.

    Here’s how it works:

    While in the Dashboard Editor, select the Data tab in the left column.

    ClicData will list your current data sources for your dashboards.

    • Simply drag and drop the data source you want into the dashboard.

    Data dashboards Icon

    • Based on the data source you’ve chosen, ClicData will suggest several visualization widgets for you to use.

    Data 2 dashboards menu

    When you select your preferred visualization widget, ClicData will automatically place it onto your dashboard, already fully connected to your data source. Adjust the theme and colors to your taste and you are good to go!

    With our Data to Dashboard option, you can get a new dashboard up and running in record time.

    Don’t hesitate to log in and try it out. If you don’t have an account yet, it may be the perfect time to take advantage of our Enterprise Free trial.

    Happy Dashboarding!