Keep it Clean! ClicData Feature Focus: Standardize & Normalize.

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    Sometimes, the simplest features make the biggest impact!

    Check it out: our new Standardize and Normalize widgets help tackle some of the most frustrating problems in BI!

    As we all know, getting your data prepped for use is often the most laborious step of the Business Intelligence exercise. Data is spread out across a number of sources and is anything but consistent, while your job is to bring it together in a unified, usable whole.

    Connect data from (almost) anywhere

    We’ve tackled the first problem and already allows you to connect to the data from most platform or location with the ClicData connectors and our Data Loader.

    Standardize: Use consistent field names

    As for the second problem? That’s where our new Standardize widget comes in to help you clean up your data so that fields that contain different spellings for the same content can play together.

    Let’s say you have a product name that you find has more than one spelling across different databases and applications. Use the Standardize widget! Simply drag and drop it to the field in question and let the magic happen.


    It’s easy! Use Find and Replace and then double-check that the change is exactly what you intended.

    Want to know more about this feature? You can visit our documentation.

    Normalize: Clean up empty fields

    Here is another time waster that ClicData easily conquers for you: rectifying empty fields that can mess up your calculations.

    Again, simply drag and drop the Normalize widget and determine the value that you want the empty field to display.


    Want to know more about this feature? You can visit our documentation.

    Use our new Standardize and Normalize data widgets to clean up your data so that your analyses and metrics are more accurate and so you have more time for more important things.