Ice Cream & Dashboards

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    To open the summer season, we have decided to look into the ice cream eating habits mmmmmh !

    Make sure to read this fun dashboard blog as you are close to an ice cream supply facility especially if the weather is hot wherever you are 😉

    Our little survey here is not international, as it turned out the American are quite the ice cream champions when it comes to having data showing how much they love this nice sugary, milky dessert or snacks that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

    So here is your first statistic to confirm my saying: 90% of the Americans eat ice cream on a regular basis!

    Next fun fact….the flavor! Despite the highly inventive funny colored flavor such as the blue smurf ice cream, the classics come first in the flavor contest with chocolate and vanilla been the 2 most favorites preferably with hot fudge topping for a little over 1 every 2 ice cream fans.

    Last but not least ice cream feature… what should be holding the ice cream goodness: the cup seems to be the preferred way to consume the ice cream for both men and women. While women also enjoy it on cones, men like Sundaes.

    Click on the picture to access the full infographic

    Click on the picture to access the full infographic

    Happy summer and happy dashboarding!