Happy New Year 2016!

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    2015 was a big year for thousands of our users around the world: some of you activated your very first dashboard; some of you set aside a tool you’ve used regularly to try something new with ClicData; and some of you have made significant changes to your business intelligence practices and reaped the benefits.


    In fact, 2015 was a big deal for us too as we launched ClicData i4 last May, the result of seven years of research and development. The result is an amazing product that will continue to evolve and improve.  In 2016 you will see new features, improved services and many more dashboards!

    More news for 2016!

    Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft Azure, ClicData will be moving to this flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, allowing us to give our North American customers exceptional speed and performance.  We are the only cloud-based Business Intelligence solution that allows our customers to select where their data is stored (whether to improve dashboard performance or to support legal reasons)! It’s important to us to provide you with the functionality you need for greatest success!

    In 2016 we will be getting closer to our North American customers with new offices in Canada and the U.S! ClicData, LLC will be based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are tremendously excited!

    Dashboards past and future

    Dashboards help us learn from the past and predict the future. They help our users to make sense of their financial performance and track the progress of projects. They help all of us have a better understanding of the trends around the world. For that reason, we decided to take a closer look at the key facts of 2015!  Enjoy this unique view of a tremendously eventful year!

    All the best to you & Happy Dashboarding!

    The ClicData Team



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