Fast-Track to Dashboard Nirvana with Our Business Analyst Experts

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    As a business manager or C-suite exec, you work hard to keep your organization effective, productive, and profitable. So when you’re ready to implement change, you want it done fast, done efficiently, and done right.

    You are also aware of the boost that dashboards can bring to your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Finally—you can have data-driven insights at your fingertips that let you stay on top of the performance metrics of your projects, your products, and your employees. Presented with user-friendly visuals that are both engaging and sometimes even entertaining, they are also incredibly accurate and critically important to your organization’s ability to remain competitive.

    But who has the time to formulate and evaluate the best KPIs for your new dashboards? Who has the time to review your department’s short-and long-term business goals and select the right metrics to keep you and your staff abreast of your progress towards those goals? Who has the time to connect, load, and clean data sources, write the optimal metrics formulas, and create dashboards that team members fall in love with?

    ClicData does.

    Our Business Analysts are skilled experts ready to help you transform your team, department, or enterprise into an informed, competitive, data-driven organization. They are available to help you at whatever level of assistance you’re most comfortable with. And they can help you set the foundations for incredibly useful dashboards—dashboards that give you greater insights, improved communication, better adherence to budgets, and better decision making at all levels of your team.

    You can’t argue with efficiency. Our Business Analyst experts have years of experience and know-how in the field and know the fastest path to getting you connected and running smoothly. They will understand your business direction and objectives. They can help you explore the meaning behind the numbers in your data. They’ll dig down to help uncover the causes of perplexing data findings, bringing more understanding and control to do what you do. And finally, they’ll make sure that the technical insights that your data harbors are revealed in easy-to-understand, quickly-grasped language and visuals.

    Our team of Business Analysts are experts in:

    Data Management and Organization

    • Data connections
    • Data transformation
    • Formula development
    • Data refresh, fusion and merge
    • Cleaning and transforming data sources
    • Best practices for data management

    Dashboard Development

    • Visualization design
    • Interactions
    • Advanced formulas
    • Best practices for dashboard use and setup

    User Management

    • Automated multi-tenant environments
    • Enabling clean collaboration
    • Notifications and alerts to track key metrics

    However you want to get started, we’re there for you

    Our expert business analysts will work with you in whatever way is most comfortable to you to get the most out of your BI investment. Want a little help? Want a lot? You got it. We have several options for you to choose among:

    1. Online answers.
    For those who want to learn on their own, our thorough documentation and product tutorials are always available online.

    2. Support team.
    To get a question or two answered whenever you need to, our Support Team is available to chat and help you get where you want to go.

    3. A dedicated hour of assistance.
    Are you the self-sufficient type? If you want to work with our intuitive dashboard app on your own, but find you want assistance after all, you’re still taken care of. Our product experts will answer your questions and give you a dedicated hour of time to demo the product for you and/or your team.

    4. We’ll walk you through it.
    If you prefer to let us guide you through the power of our state-of-the-art dashboard app, our expert Business Analysts will walk you through its features and get you started building great dashboards for your team quickly.

    5. Our business analyst is your business analyst.
    Ready to hand it over to the experts? We can also manage the entire spectrum of the process for you. Our team will do all the heavy lifting for you—from data management and user management to dashboard set up—so you don’t have to. Start using your beautiful, interactive, and insightful dashboards right away. And feel confident that your system is put together as effectively as it can be. Then sit back and watch as your organization becomes more productive, more competitive, and more adept at growing revenues and profits.

    When you entrust us with your business analysis and dashboard development, we take care of all of the stages of the process: requirement gathering, data exploration, consultation, and dashboard fulfilment. With attention to the details and an understanding of your unique business needs and constraints, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your BI investment.

    Discover the full power of what ClicData can do for your organization by working with our patient, wise, and expert business analysts. They’ll take you where you want to go with your dashboards.

    Want to learn more? Start with a free consultation.