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Unlock the power of data with our experts.

Why you should use our Professional Services

Our professional services team comprises expert ClicData analysts who excel in implementing projects across various sectors. We deliver customized dashboards and reports, and fully configured accounts within a matter of days, instead of waiting for weeks or months.

Our agile approach ensures that you're involved in every step of the process, allowing us to accurately meet your requirements and needs.

How do we work
with our clients?

Our team works with you to understand your key requirements, your data model, and your organization's needs and set a plan in motion.

Through regular milestones, we provide timely updates on the progress of your projects and gather regular feedback.

Our final delivery includes custom-designed reports and dashboards, comprehensive data models, and automation for all your dataset.


Name your data sources,
we do the rest

  • With 50+ Native connectors, we get smart insights.
  • With API connectivity, we connect to any application of your choice.
  • With automation, your data is available instantly.


Data Warehouse modeled
for performance

  • A single relational data model that combines sources.
  • Clean and normalize data sets for accurate results.
  • Data flow diagrams and defined data hierarchy.


Get insights on your data
and drive actions

  • Dashboards/reports that are interactive.
  • 100+ visualization to represent your data exactly as needed.
  • Deliverables that are responsive and device friendly.


Agile decisions with live visualization and alerts

  • Automation to display live dashboards and reports.
  • Scheduled exports in the format of your choice.
  • Setting active alerts using benchmarks for quick actions.


Collaborate with teams
and multi-tenant setup

  • Setting up team and user groups for focused delivery.
  • Configuration of roles for appropriate access and security.
  • Defining user parameters for multi-tenant dashboard delivery.


ClicData integrated
into your portal

  • Recommending white label configuration and setup for accounts.
  • Suggested Single Sign On integration modules.
  • Customized design and branding to match your theme.

Professional Services Packages

For all your Data Analytics and BI needs.

Onboarding Package

Our Onboarding Program aims to offer you have a seamless transition into using the ClicData platform.

Within this Onboarding Program, you will have access to different modules which provide comprehensive training and implementation support.

Project Packages

Our in-house Analysts know ClicData in and out. Our mission is to translate your business needs into technical solutions using our data platform.

We will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive implementation plan encompassing all the necessary steps and timelines, ensuring a smooth and successful execution.

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