Speed Up Your Data Modeling Process With Data Templates

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    Data teams and analysts love our Data Templates. They are ready-to-use datasets that are accessible directly from your ClicData account and can be used to enhance your analyses.

    Data Templates are designed to make your data modeling process more efficient. We have are currently seven categories available:

    1. Calendars,
    2. Currency Exchange Rates,
    3. Healthcare,
    4. Weather,
    5. World & Nations, which are open datasets; and
    6. ClicData Platform Activity
    7. ClicData Platform Objects

    Each Data Template can be downloaded on the platform, and be refreshed with the classic methods used with your datasets. They behave exactly like other datasets.

    To show the power of this capability, let’s explore a few use cases:

    How To Use Open Source Data Templates?

    1. Calendars

    Calendars are provided at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly granularity. Additional info such as business days, day names, weekday, week number, epoch times, business days per month, etc. are included in the dataset.

    daily calendar template
    Daily Calendar data template

    Use the daily calendar as a base to aggregate figures from uneven datasets against it. Let’s imagine we are a Car-selling Company with multiple dealerships closed on different days throughout the week. We want to compare conversion data from our website with the sales in the dealerships. None of these datasets present a full calendar, as there are no sales every day in any of them.

    This is where the Daily calendar data template comes in: it will be the backbone of the aggregated data from all sources, making sure that for each day in the calendar, sales and traffic data are aggregated from each source. From there you can then easily use the weekday numbers, week numbers, months, quarters, etc. to visualize KPIs in different periods.

    2. Weather

    The templates provide historical weather and forecasts of 7 days for hundreds of cities. Min and Max temperatures, wind strength, sunrise and sunset times, rain and snow duration, and many more metrics are accessible to give a complete overview of each day’s local ambiance.

    weather historical template toronto
    Weather in Toronto historical data template

    Use this data for example to give context to your B2C sales KPIs. Whether you are selling trips, swimming pools, or food, weather can have an important impact on the consumer’s morale and interest in buying your products.

    Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner, weather can greatly affect your customers’ decision to eat and drink outdoors, as you can see on this graph:

    weather impact on restaurants sales data template
    Example showcasing weather’s impact on restaurant sales.

    This template is particularly helpful in giving context to your sales KPIs by comparing how weather and sales correlate. It’s also possible to check how it correlates in different cities and countries if you have multiple locations.

    And you can use the forecast weather to adapt your inventory and marketing campaigns accordingly! Pretty awesome, right?

    3. Demography

    Geographical templates come with useful info such as latitude, longitude, associated region, demography, and surface from the World Data Bank API.

    country codes template
    Country ISO Codes data template

    These datasets can be used to enhance your datasets and hence data analysis.

    Some examples:

    • Group country data by region
    • Compare the age distribution of your sales figures to the country’s age distribution
    • Visualize your data on maps
    chart population percentage data template
    In Canada, 19% of the population is older than 65 years.
    • …and many more usages

    4. Currency

    This usage is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? The data template enables you to get historical currency exchange rates between all currencies, in the direction wished.

    currency template usd
    USD to CAD, EUR and HKD currency rate

    Currency exchange rates are specifically useful in the context of large international companies. Fetching the day-by-day rates for each currency used enables faster and more accurate financial reporting.

    How To Use ClicData Platform Data Templates

    These templates give you dynamic access to all the metadata of the usage of your ClicData account. Whether it’s User logs, Dashboard activity, or listing all objects of your account, you can get this via the templates, and automatically update them via the refresh system.

    clicdata activity templates

    Here are a few examples of use cases for these data templates:

    • Build dashboards showing Dashboard usage over time
    • Track your User’s activity on the platform
    • Get an overview of Dashboards used in Binders
    • Track your Tasks’ activity
    • Set up alert dashboards for failed and successful Schedules
    chart population percentage data template
    Dashboard Usage Data template

    Most of these datasets are available as manual downloads in each explorer, but using data templates instead, you can automate the refreshing and build dynamic dashboards.

    Enhance Your Analyses With Our Data Templates

    As you can see, there is a wide variety of use cases and creative ways to use our Data Templates to speed up your data modeling process and enrich your datasets. Data Templates are very popular among our data-savvy users, and I’m sure you’re going to love them too! You can test them out in your existing account – if you’re new to ClicData, Data Templates are available in the free trial version.

    Besides, we continuously add new Data Templates, so keep a lookout for updates 😉

    And if you have suggestions for new templates, don’t hesitate to share them with our product team here:

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