Clubspeed Uses ClicData To Aggregate Global Data & Accelerate Decision-Making

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    Company snapshot

    Industry: Technology

    Location: Corona, California

    Company-size: 20-50 employees

    Year founded: 2007

    What is Clubspeed?

    Clubspeed is the leading venue management software for family entertainment centers (FEC) such as racetracks, karting, escape rooms, laser tags, arcade,  trampoline centers, etc. They have developed an all-in-one and fully integrated solution that can help FECs run their business operations more efficiently:

    • Point of sale solution 
    • Registration and ticket kiosks
    • Mobile app
    • Venue scheduling 
    • Event calendar
    • Online portals and bookings
    • Gamification and digital scoreboards
    • Built-in CRM and marketing tools
    Clubspeed Pos
    Preview of Clubspeed Point of Sale solution

    Hundreds of FECs use the software in more than 40 countries. Clubspeed offers 24/7/365 Support in multiple languages. 

    Clubspeed’s data environment and reporting needs

    Customer data and reporting need

    Right now, FEC collect a lot of data from their own customers and store it in on-site servers. 

    “We initially built a reporting portal in our software to give our customers access to their business data. But it quickly got tricky. Because of the volume of reports needed, the different countries our customers are located in, and the verticals we are catering, we needed to adjust the reports to every single customer. This resulted in additional workload for our developers, and a lot of iterations to make sure everyone gets the reporting they are looking for to manage their venue.” Chris Webb, VP of Product at Clubspeed says.

    Internal reporting needs

    Clubspeed has 500 servers around the world. The software collects a lot of data for their customers: the number of new users, registrations, where people are coming from, sales and marketing data, etc.

    “Being a customer-focused company, we needed a way to take data from all around the world and understand the many different ways our customers are serving their customers, in order to enhance the guest experience.  We wanted to use our customers’ data to help us understand what features people are using, which ones aren’t being used, what are the averages by region or worldwide. Basically, we wanted an easy way to interrogate our customers’ data and analyze it to make better decisions for our software development.” Explains Chris. 

    The issues with the reporting situation

    On the customer side, it was a lot of work keeping up with all the reporting requests and adjustments by regions, areas, countries, states, etc.

    “Internally, we didn’t have easy access to the customer data which made it difficult for us to make the decisions for our software development. If we needed to have a certain data point, one of our Support people had to write a SQL query manually and interrogate all 500 servers. There was no automated way to get that information.” 

    The solution: Automated data aggregation in ClicData

    Easy data collection from SQL databases

    With ClicData, Clubspeed can easily pull data from their SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or even AWS cloud with our native connectors. 

    But what really made the difference was the ability to automate SQL queries, which enabled quicker and more accurate decision making.

    “I had a beautiful dashboard up and running on the first day”

    “We have tried Tableau, Sisense and PowerBI and the learning curve was nothing compared to ClicData. We are a team of tech-savvy people, we could connect the data to these platforms, but we didn’t know how to get to the visualization results that we were looking for.” Chris says.

    “Besides, I have to think of my customers. If we push a reporting solution that requires a data scientist to handle it, that’s not a good value proposition. With ClicData, we instantly understood how it all worked, the dashboard designer is very intuitive. That was a big hit for me.”

    The platform: easy-to-use, great value for money

    “ClicData’s biggest advantage is its ease-of-use”

    Whether it’s Clubspeed users or their customers, everyone could hop in on the platform, and build dashboards in a few minutes. They can access the data they need to run operations or their business very easily. 

    “We have 6 hours of live coaching and training that is included in our subscription, but we only needed 1.5 hours so far. That points out the ease-of-use of the platform. And the support has been great!” points out Chris.

    The best value for money

    The pricing was another important criterion when Clubspeed compared BI platforms and that went in favor of ClicData. Our platform remains affordable even if you’re working with a large volume of data or hundreds of users.