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    The cutting edge of big data is an exciting place to be: innovations in machine learning, AI and analytics are happening all the time. This can be hard to keep up with, but fortunately, podcasts present an excellent way to approach new topics and the latest developments in big data.

    This list presents sixteen unmissable big data podcasts for anyone interested in big data, whether it’s personal or professional there’ll be something here for you.

    #1: O’Reilly Data Show

    O Reilly Big Data Podcast

    This long-running podcast is all about exploring big data and all its applications, so you can expect AI, machine learning, and data science to be prominent topics. Indeed, this podcast covers all these subjects and more from every imaginable angle, providing a thorough and fascinating account of how big data runs the world.

    Never shying away from taking a technical approach, both beginners to data science as well as veteran programmers will appreciate this show. Recent episodes have focussed on how to build and perfect machine learning algorithms, and these concepts are explained with astounding clarity.

    #2: Freakonomics

    Stephen Dubner took the world by storm with his book Freakonomics. In the book, he collaborated with economist Steven Levitt to explore the hidden world of data science and how analytics had incredible explanative power across so many industries.

    In his podcast, Dubner picks up where the book left off, revealing the hidden value of data sets and what we can learn from them. From American politics to corporate culture, every topic comes to life with Dubner’s magic touch and you’ll see the far-ranging effects of data science.

    #3: Banana Data Podcast

    Banana Data Podcast

    Coming out biweekly, Banana Data is committed to discussing current trends in data science, so if you want to stay on the cutting edge of big data then this podcast is an essential listen. Data is approached from multiple angles so that the subject matter never becomes stale and you’re as likely to be listening to an exploration of the philosophical implications of AI on morality as an account of how data becomes biased and how to avoid this. A valuable listen for programmers as well as those with a casual interest in big data, this podcast comes highly recommended.

    #4: Dataframed

    Dataframed Big Data Podcast

    Released weekly, Dataframed’s interview format means that every episode covers a fresh topic and offers new insights into the big world of data science. Data scientists are coaxed to talk about their own work and research and through this prism, the listener discovers how data science approaches different problems, and what data scientists are trying to solve.

    This show is all about making data science accessible to the casual listener, so no technical knowledge is necessary to follow the show, simply tune in and enjoy data scientists talking with passion about doing what they love.

    #5: Data Skeptic

    Data Skeptic Big Data Podcast

    Diving into the Data Skeptic archives can eat up hours of your day as this long-running podcast has covered just about every subject data science has ever been adjacent to! But you don’t have to go back to episode one to enjoy this podcast – each episode is generally themed around a specific concept in data science, and interviews with data scientists accompany the discussions to flesh it out and give listeners the background they need.

    Occasionally, the show’s parrot mascot Yoshi turns up to contribute to the discussion, providing some light relief when the data’s getting dry.

    #6: Data Stories

    Data Stories Big Data Podcast

    Data Stories explores how data can be presented and the different ways the messages of data can be delivered. The podcast specifically focuses on visualization and the integral role that this plays in the interpretation of data.

    Always current, recent episodes have been exploring the role that data and visualization are taking on in a pandemic, and exploring the political implications of visualization makes for fascinating listening.

    #7: Linear Digressions

    Linear Digressions Big Data Podcast

    This podcast explores big data and its implications for machine learning without getting too jargony, ensuring that big data hobbyists can engage in the subject.

    “As we’re increasingly surrounded by AI and machine learning it’s important that these subjects don’t become uninterpretable to the average person. Podcasts such as this are essential for making these topics accessible. Linear Digressions brings machine learning to the masses with their approachable episodes.”

    Todd Simonson, a big data expert at Assignment Service and Essay Services.

    #8: Data Crunch

    Data Crunch Big Data Podcast

    Targeted at professionals and executives interested in furthering their understanding of the power of big data, Data Crunch isn’t the most accessible podcast on the list. However, as it covers the way big data and machine learning are infiltrating every industry from medicine to finance it emphasizes that industry professionals can’t afford to ignore the power of data any longer.

    Interviews with entrepreneurs and innovators reveal where big data has been applied and where it failed to make its mark. This is essential listening for anyone keeping their business afloat in the present and future.

    #9: Not So Standard Deviations

    Not So Standard Deviations Big Data Podcast

    Hilary Parker and co-host Roger Peng have been running Not So Standard Deviations since 2015 and their chemistry together makes this podcast an easy listen, despite the difficult subject matter. Parker and Peng concentrate on cutting edge developments in data science, making this podcast essential for any industry professionals who want to keep abreast of what’s new in data science.

    #10: Making Data Simple

    Making Data Simple Big Data Podcast

    In Making Data Simple, Al Martin presents the cutting-edge developments in data science and their implications for corporations across the world. As the IBM VP for Data and AI Developments, Martin is perfectly placed to provide an interpretation of big data for professionals interested in how their industry will be affected. Without dumbing down, Martin explains how data is affecting everything around us.

    #11: Data Engineering Podcast

    Data Engineering Podcast Big Data Podcast

    Providing a weekly roundup of the major developments in data science, this podcast is aimed at industry professionals more than those with a casual interest in big data and its applications, so you can expect some industry jargon and a familiarity with data science is presumed.

    Nevertheless, programmers and professionals are likely to be able to expand their knowledge and employability with this podcast as engineers and entrepreneurs discuss how they’re using data science to get ahead.

    #12: Data Science At Home

    Data Science At Home Big Data Podcast

    This podcast explores the moral and political implications brought to us by big data, taking a look at the “Dark Side” of AI in a recent episode. “Host Francesco Gadaleta breaks down the implications of AI and machine learning for the casual listener,” says Irene Clegg, tech blogger at UKWritings and Revieweal. “Each episode features thought-provoking questions and insightful discussion on topics adjacent to data science.” This podcast is a great one for getting a conversation going to the pub!

    #13: Super Data Science

    Super Data Science Big Data Podcast

    Combining life coaching with data science, host Kirill Eremenko presents a podcast that is invaluable for anyone working in the field. Data scientists at the top of their game as well as entrepreneurs and analysts discuss their work as well as what drives them in this motivational podcast.

    Anyone seeking to get ahead in the world of data science will be inspired by this podcast. Data science can be a lonely world, but this podcast brings the data community to you with inspirational success stories in a variety of industries.

    #14: Data Science Ethics

    Across ten episodes, the Data Science Ethics podcast covered the spectrum of thought-provoking topics around how data science has ethical questions to answer. Industry professionals as well as those with a casual interest in data science will find each episode thematically consistent and deeply intriguing.

    #15: The Digital Analytics Power Hour

    The Digital Analytics Power Hour Podcast

    A triumvirate of data analyst powerhouses, Michael Helbling, Moe Kiss, and Tim Wilson co-host this show to generate lively discussion on the developments in data analytics to this podcast. With years of experience in the industry, every topic – recent podcasts have covered the accessibility of statistics and political forecasting – is addressed with knowledge and understanding. Frequently the hosts bring on guests to add a new angle, so each episode becomes a valuable listen in itself.

    #16: Big Data Beard

    Big Data Beard Podcast

    Since 2017 Big Data Beard has been exploring topics covering big data, machine learning, and AI, focussing on keeping listeners abreast of the latest advances in these sectors. For anyone seeking to stay close to the cutting edge of big data innovations, Big Data Beard is a fantastic tool since these guys are industry professionals and are quick to explore the implications of new technology in data analytics.


    Data analytics is a dynamic industry and innovators are constantly pushing the boundaries of how we can use data, advance AI and improve machine learning. Whether your interest in data is personal or professional, in a fast-changing world it’s going to pay dividends to stay up to speed: the cutting edge of big data is an exciting place to be. These podcasts will expand your knowledge, explore diverse topics in the world of big data, and keep your finger on the pulse of big data innovations.

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