Dear ClicData Business Angels

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    Dear ClicData Business Angels

    800 000 Euros to support ClicData’s growth this year!

    ClicData has just finalized a round of 800 000 Euros to ensure that more and more businesses around the world take advantage of our Business Dashboards Solution. Launched in early 2015, we have already brought happy dashboarding to thousands of users in large and small companies. They tell us that what they appreciate most is the sweet balance between how sophisticated ClicData is, in particular, the data connection and transformation (ETL) capabilities and how easy it is to implement dashboards.

    “No servers, no local installation, 5 minutes from signup to the first dashboard.”
    “ClicData delivered in 3 weeks what took us 3 months with our previous solution.”
    Our Angels rock!

    This is no secret that the success of SaaS models relies on external financing in the early years. At ClicData we have been very lucky to count on our angels once again. They help us accelerate product development and our Sales & Support quality not only with financial support but also by opening the right doors at the right time!
    While the internet provides an incredible opportunity for product awareness, there is nothing more efficient than personal introductions as the trust factor is there right away as a basis for business growth. Now, that’s true product validation! Yes, they may like our slides, who we are, the growth and the tax credit but they believe so much in the product that they also take time to open their network and introduce us to their world.

    They are called angels for a good reason! Here are 3 key benefits of having angels at your table:

    1 – They care. Your growth, your people, your plans, even your family!
    2 – They don’t BS. No politics, they tell you what’s on their mind including and especially when they feel that you are not taking the right path.
    3 – They stick. Pay more attention when you need it, rally their friends for more money if you need it, talk about your product all the time.

    We have been particularly lucky on this round to welcome great technology professionals who have been in this for much longer than we have. So on top of the above, they bring loads of experience in growing successful technology companies!

    Arnaud, Olivier, Bruno, Alain, Mathieu, Julien, Nicolas, Cyril, Charles, Dan, Barry….

    Thank you so much! YOU’RE THE BEST!