What's missing for the Promise of Big Data to be Fully Realized?

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    Technology has come a long way to give us answers we seek in an efficient, understandable way. Technology now can provide solutions to questions we didn’t even know we had. The accumulation of “big data” and its analytics holds much promise to provide insight to businesses on what key performance indicators matter most.

    In fact, technology has advanced to the extent that it is requisite for success. Now, it is time for people to grow more fully into the new and changing roles that are necessary to fully realize the promises in big data analytics.
    Talent shortage and ongoing organizational silos are the biggest barriers to creating a data-driven business, according to a new whitepaper from the IAB Data Center of Excellence and DMA.

    Talent Shortage

    We are fully in the era of data scientists, a time when data-driven solutions  are crucial for success. Data scientists have the advanced skills necessary to analyze big data to unwrap its hidden insights, and then apply those insights to actions that boost the company’s bottom lines.

    Yet, data scientists remain in short supply while the demand for their services is ever increasing. Facing the need to address significant technology changes, 99% of CEOs are taking action to develop existing or future talent, according to KPMG’s 2016 Global CEO Outlook. And, the majority of CEOs are discovering skills gaps during the process.

    Organizational Silos

    A business needs full access to all data from every department to create a complete vision of the company’s health. Organizational silos exist when various departments do not want to share information with others in the company. It is a destructive development that reduces employee efficiency and morale. And if data is withheld, it leads to an incomplete view of the big picture.

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