ClicData – An End to End solution

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    Let’s just say that I really like Apple products and I really like Microsoft software.  Then again, I like IBM mainframes so not sure what that says about me but…  here is where I am going with this.

    I believe that Apple’s success is that they are beautifully wrapped hardware with software into one aesthetically pleasing device.  Be that the iPhone or the iMac or the iNextThingThatIllBuy.  It just works seamless.  The upgrades of the hardware go hand in hand with the software.

    Apple, unlike Microsoft, has an unparalleled advantage when writing software.  They know the hardware on which the software is going to be used.  The iTunes store controls what gets installed or not.  If it doesn’t fit the bill, it doesn’t go in.  Simple as that.  It makes for a better user experience.

    Microsoft has to contend with hundreds of different computer hardware manufacturers, each with their own configuration and “tweeks”.  Device drivers for thousands of models, not to mention the home built hardware aficionados.  And they are expected to make Windows work on every single one of those configurations!

    OS X has to run on…. 6 configurations; Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Mac Air, and iMac… all made by …  Apple.  It hardly seems fair does it?  But here is the thing… it works better.  Less variables to think about.

    iPhone users are at most 1 version apart.  Not so with Android users that have to contend with the numerous phone manufacturers, their licensing models, their hardware capabilities and the fact that Android versions are as disparate as Linux flavours.

    I would like to think that ClicData brings simplicity to the work of business intelligence and data reporting and visualization.  We take care of the data, the dashboard, the visualization and the sharing.  All in one.  All through your favourite browser with nothing to install.


    But maybe it is also to say that in the months to come we are taking ClicData in a more mobile direction as well…

    Happy Dashboarding!