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    If you run a small e-commerce business, there’s no denying the fact that you need a fully functioning dashboard solution to keep you in control of your business performance and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Whether you just launched yesterday, or you’re an established enterprise with a well-respected footprint, the breadth of insights and magnitude of relevant information that you get with dashboards have become essential tools to succeed in today’s business environment.

    After all, dashboard platforms help emerging e-commerce businesses become efficient, data-driven organizations often with minimal effort. Due to their access to the gold-mine of information within their own data, data-driven companies have a distinct competitive advantage, including:

    • Faster, more confident decisions
    • Greater awareness about sales performance, customer satisfaction, and more
    • More responsiveness to customers
    • Greater awareness of opportunities as they arise
    • Enhanced ability to pinpoint projects, campaigns, and other resources that are not producing
    • Improved control and order management
    • Ability to review, compare, and understand historical and current trends
    • Forecasting and predictive tools

    If like most online retailers, you use WooCommerce as your first step to run your e-commerce business, you’ve chosen a tremendous platform to promote your products and offer a pleasant, effective customer experience. WooCommerce is free, friendly, customizable, feature-rich, and a fast way to launch and manage an online store.

    But what about the rest of your business management? As an e-commerce platform, WooCommerce focuses only on your e-commerce needs. Yet, with one more simple step, you can be using ClicData, the world’s first data reporting, dashboarding, and data warehousing platform for small and medium-sized companies. ClicData lets you mine essential business insights from virtually all of your business data so you can run your business efficiently, make informed and timely business decisions, and stay competitive. And it’s fast and easy to set up

    Embrace your business needs

    Connect all of your data sources as easily as drag-and-drop. Once set up, you can monitor all of the metrics you need to stay on top of virtually every aspect of your business’ performance.

    Easy connection. Connect your WooCommerce data to ClicData with a click of a button. Say goodbye to data extraction, cleansing, combining and ugly formulas in Excel.

    Easy dashboard designer: Create dashboards in minutes, not hours, and bring your data to life. ClicData offers you 50+ widgets to easily create beautiful and insightful dashboards.

    Real-time data: Schedule your data updates—daily, weekly, and/or monthly—so that your dashboards are automatically updated, and you can relax, knowing you are up-to-date.

    Alerts: Set up alerts so that you get notified whenever milestones are reached.

    Getting started with KPIs: E-commerce businesses often start with these key performance indicators (KPIs) to include in their dashboards:

    • Total Revenue
    • Total Customers
    • Total Orders
    • Revenue over Time (Weeks, Months, Years)
    • Revenue by Acquisition Source
    • Conversion Rate Over Time (Months)
    • Total Revenue by Acquisition Source (Sum and Percentage of Value)
    • Distribution of New Customers by Acquisition Source

    Connect, Analyze and Learn from All of your Data

    ClicData is the natural next step to your Woo Commerce set up because it lets you incorporate data from hundreds of other platforms into one place so you can understand your business more deeply and run it more effectively. Get actionable retail analytics, optimize your processes, cut costs, and make smarter business decisions and strategies to improve your profitability.

    With ClicData’s transparent connectivity, you can learn from your marketing data, CRM systems, accounting, and financial apps, just to name a few.

    Marketing Data

    Mine essential insights from your data in:

    Find out what impact your campaigns are really having on your sales. Pinpoint which campaigns are performing the best. Calculate your campaign ROI. See what percentage of your customers are returning. Get feedback on what kind of newsletter gets the best results.

    CRM systems

    Glean metrics and key performance indicators from your data in:

    Respond more effectively to your customers by gleaning insights on their demographics, purchasing history, habits, customer support needs, customer satisfaction, and whatever else you need.

    Accounting and financial systems

    Get the financial insights you need to make smart business decisions from your data in:

    Combine your financial and WooCommerce data to calculate your net profit revenue. Make important strategic decisions more quickly with the advantage of more explicit, more intuitive, and more comprehensive financial reporting.
    Create your first e-commerce dashboard with ClicData. It’s free. Learn more about how WooCommerce and ClicData mean business.

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