ClicData Plus WooCommerce Means Business

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    Using WooCommerce? You’re in good company. It’s become an exceptionally popular e-commerce platform—and for good reason. For a free plug-in, it’s a friendly, customizable, feature-rich, and fast way to launch and manage an online store.

    But for entrepreneurs who want to be in control of their business’ performance—and work smarter, not harder—it doesn’t do it all.

    That’s where ClicData comes in. WooCommerce and ClicData have partnered up to help you take the next step in understanding and managing your e-commerce business. So that you can be informed, be in control, and be more profitable.

    ClicData is the world’s first 100% cloud-based data reporting, dashboarding, and data warehousing platform for small and medium-sized companies. With intuitive ease, you can connect all of your data sources for insightful and in-depth reporting of your business’ performance, from marketing to financials.

    When You Mean Business

    When you’re serious about building your e-commerce business, you want flexibility, information, and power. Here’s what the dynamic duo of WooCommerce and ClicData can do for you:

    • Learn from all of your data — no matter where it lives

    With ClicData, you can connect all of your data sources into one virtual cloud-based data warehouse—and glean meaningful, actionable insights that can help you steer your business straight to success.

    For example, you can access your Google AdWords data and compare marketing metrics with sales activity. You can access data from your payment systems—such as QuickBooks, Xero, PayPal, and BrainSell—and compare to your WooCommerce transaction data.
    You can access your CRM systems, too— AgileCRM, SalesForce, Insightly, InfusionSoft, to name a few—to get detailed insights from your salesforce activity and orders from WooCommerce.

    The more you can collect and connect your business-related data—even if they come in different file formats and live in different apps— the truer insights you have about your business. Have Excel files on Dropbox or Google Drive? Connect them to your ClicData platform, too, to learn more about your business through easy-to-read dashboards. Have financial data to review? Connect QuickBooks, Salesforce, Zendesk, or one of several others.

    Using Constant Contact, Intercom, OData, or Soap? Connect those, too. ClicData lets you connect with an extensive array of apps and platforms so you can truly see the bigger picture of your business. You are finally in control.

    • Monitor the metrics that matter most to you

    WooCommerce offers some performance metrics on your sales, but they might not be enough. Want to create your own custom insights so you can monitor what’s most important to you? If you’re running multiple WooCommerce accounts, you can combine all sales data together to get the bottom line performance numbers. You can set up your own key performance indicators to monitor your transaction performance, view month-to-month, year-to-year, or custom range comparisons, and so much more. Define your own KPIs. Do it your way.

    • View your real net profits

    WooCommerce reports can provide sales numbers, and that’s helpful. But you might be more interested in learning how much profit you’ve generated after deducting processing fees, shipping costs, merchant fees, and the like. Or maybe you want insights on your top sellers or other important metrics like ROI, CLV, and ROAS.

    • Collaborate and share more easily

    Keep everyone informed at all times with ClicData’s collaboration platform. Share your data, reports, and insights with whomever you want. ClicData dashboards are always up-to-date and available on any type of device for anyone to tap into when they want to. (User privileges can also be set up to limit access when desired.)

    • Improve your subscription management

    Many WooCommerce users want to see more than just retail metrics from their subscription transactions. They want to look at some of the standards KPIs like MRR, ARR, Active subscriptions, and Churn and not be limited to order, product and sales reports. You

    ClicData’s lets you build your own metrics, KPIs, and naming conventions. Our templates help you do it fast and intuitively so you can be on top of your business’s performance metrics.

    Time to Take it to the Next Level

    Dive deep into the metrics of your sales, orders, customer, and product performance. Add customized calculations and group categories to see the bigger picture. Combine your WooCommerce data with data from your financial systems, CRM tools, analytics, marketing tools, inventory data, and more. See the bigger picture, recognize trends, set benchmarks, and even be notified when your goals are accomplished or events occur. Put ClicData to work for you.

    Learn more about the ClicData and WooCommerce connection.