Airtable & ClicData For Better Project Reporting

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    Airtable is a powerful collaboration tool for sales, marketing, product, project, and engineering teams. It offers a wide variety of templates to manage your daily tasks and streamline your internal processes.

    Now, you can integrate Airtable with ClicData, a business intelligence platform for virtually any industry, to build reports and interactive dashboards that help you manage and monitor projects and boost performance company-wide.

    In this blog post, we will first explore the uses of Airtable for sales and marketing, product teams, and engineering departments.

    Then, we’ll share with you the benefits of integrating Airtable with ClicData for high-performance project reporting and show you how simple it is to get started building an interactive, automated dashboard.

    What is Airtable used for?

    Airtable can be used by pretty much anyone in the company to help manage daily tasks and facilitate collaboration with teams using intuitive and dedicated workspaces that they call “bases.”

    It allows you to visualize and organize projects and tasks as you like. It is very flexible and can easily fit into any internal process.

    Airtable also offers a wide range of project management templates for a variety of situations:

    Creative teams and agencies

    If your organization is a creative team or agency, Airtable can help you improve communications within your company and with your customers.

    You can easily create dedicated workspaces for each of your projects, such as videos, content creation, and design projects, and share them with your teammates and customers. You can centralize all of your communications, documents, media, and so forth so that everything ‘s in a single place.

    Airtable Project Pipeline Template Base
    Example of a Design Project Pipeline base

    Marketing and communications

    Marketers in SMBs are constantly juggling numerous projects.

    Good, clear organization and team coordination can have a very positive impact on your marketing initiatives. Airtable can help you get more efficient with all of your marketing activities, from blog and content marketing, and ad campaigns to video production and events.

    You can reclaim the time you spend retrieving the right asset, messaging, chasing your teammates for updates on who’s doing what, and which tasks are stuck.

    The app includes ready-to-use bases that you can implement with your teams, including:

    • Content marketing calendar
    • Editorial calendar
    • Digital video production calendar
    • Ad campaigns planning
    • Event marketing
    • PR outreach
    Airtable Advertising Campaign Template Base
    Example of an Ad Campaign base

    Product and user experience

    As a Product Manager, it’s critical to launch new products or improve software quickly and to make sure they’re meeting your customers’ expectations.

    Thanks to Airtable, everyone in your team is kept up to date with information, and that accelerates the product development process. You’ll have your product roadmap, your user feedback, and your bugs in the same tool, and that helps you stay on track and make sure nothing is left behind.

    With Airtable, you can:

    • Manage your product launch
    • Keep track of your growth experiments
    • Feed your competitive benchmark
    • Log and monitor bugs
    • Centralize case studies and users’ feedback
    Airtable Competitive Benchmark Template Base
    Example of a Competitive Benchmark base

    Project management

    You need a project management tool that is suited to the size of your project team, the size of your projects, and your internal process. Finding the right fit can be challenging, time-consuming, and, if not chosen properly, a mistake that slows down your project and costs you money.

    If the number of projects you’re launching grows, Airtable is flexible and scalable to keep you on top of things. They offer a number of base templates that you can use with your team and get things done faster.

    It is also suitable for Agile teams. Here is an example of the Agile Sprint base:

    Airtable Agile Sprint Template Base

    Airtable keeps your entire organization organized, aligned on the same level of information, and is very easy to use. If you haven’t tested it with your team, you can open a free trial account and get started right away.

    Real-time Project Reporting with ClicData + Airtable

    ClicData is a 100% cloud-based business intelligence platform that lets you connect, combine, and analyze data from multiple sources of your organization in dashboards that help boost productivity and accelerate the path to optimal decision-making. That means you can share relevant data and metrics—in real time!—with your teams or your customers easily and intuitively for the best results.

    When you integrate your Airtable data with ClicData, you can connect, manage, transform, visualize and share that data with data from an almost unlimited number of other sources in your organization.

    The resulting insights boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and elevate efficiency across the board.

    Why you need Airtable and ClicData

    When you integrate ClicData and Airtable, you can build dashboards for your projects and blend your Airtable data with data from, say, Google Analytics, social media, invoicing, financial, customer survey, and many other data sources.

    Create an executive analysis of your project results and see for the first time exactly what is working and what isn’t. Get real-time insights about the performance of virtually any facet of your company. Be informed and be in control.

    How does integration work?

    Very simply! With just a few clicks, you can connect your Airtable account to your ClicData account to import your data and get new insights about your company.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. First, signup for a free trial on ClicData if you don’t have one yet
    2. Create a connection between ClicData and Airtable – you will need the API Key that you can find in your Airtable account settings
    3. Import the data you need to build your report on – you will also need the ID of your bases you want to import
    4. Automate your data refresh
    5. That’s it!
    How to connect your Airtable account to ClicData

    Content marketing project

    Let’s say you work in Marketing, and you want to monitor two things with the same dashboard: the performance of your content and the progress of your content marketing planning.

    You want to be able to understand which content is most appealing to your audience and then populate your content planning with relevant content.

    Simple! Easily connect your Airtable, Google Analytics, and CRM data to your ClicData account and build your metrics in your dashboard.

    Then, compare the progress of your team against the goals that you have set (the number of pieces of content published or completed, for example) and measure the traffic that your new content has driven or the number of leads or revenue they generated.

    That’s what dashboards are for: helping you see the bigger picture or drill down into the details to drive your company forward more effectively.

    Product sprint report

    If you’re using Airtable to manage your project sprints, you can use ClicData to build your project reports.

    You can easily stay updated on your project KPIs:

    • Release Start Date
    • Release End Date
    • Major and Minor Update
    • Tasks Status per Category of Features
    • Number of Assignees
    • The Percentage of Tasks Completed, Blocked and In Progress
    • Tasks Status Per Assignee
    • Ideal and Remaining Efforts vs. Completed

    The metrics will give you insights into which tasks are moving and which ones are slowing your project progress.

    Project Sprint Dashboard Airtable Clicdata
    Click here to open the live dashboard


    When you integrate Airtable with ClicData, you can organize all types of projects in your organization, improve your teams’ productivity and efficiency, and better monitor the results and costs of your projects.

    Airtable gives you all the tools you need to operate and make your projects move faster, while ClicData allows you to keep a bird’s eye view of your teams and your project performance in real-time, helping you move your business forward more effectively than ever.

    Go ahead and test the integration by yourself. Or give us a quick call, and our product specialists will give you a helping hand to get started.

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