Get Data from 1,000+ Apps to ClicData with Zapier Integration

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    Try saying that 3 times fast. “Zap Your Data to ClicData with Zapier.” Ahhh, if I got $1 for every great blog title I come up with, I would have… well, no money.

    Anyway, Zapier integrations are great news to everyone that wants to trigger events in one system based on what happens on another system, or send some data items from one system to another system – in (almost) real time!

    If you know what I am talking about, then you know all about Zapier. Zapier is an amazing platform that keeps an eye on your data in one system and when something happens to it, it will notify another system so that it can do something with it.

    Some people call Zapier an interface, but Zapier is so much simpler than coding an interface; it is great for small business because it’s so simple to setup and it takes no time doing it. With it, you can set up great workflows that will make your life easier

    How about some examples of Zapier Integrations?

    • Imagine that each time you receive an email from a specific person with some numbers, it immediately adds that information to your dashboard.
    • Maybe your sales team enters a new deal or opportunity in your CRM system, and you want the sales project dashboard to be immediately refreshed and published to the entire team.
    • A new invoice was generated, and your financial dashboard needs to be updated. Do you wait until the next refresh schedule or instead, refresh it immediately with Zapier! Now is always better right?
    • Your team uses several Google Sheets to track time on projects. Wouldn’t it be great that each time someone entered new time on Google Sheets, your project dashboards were updated instantly? Of course, it would.
    • Want some more on Zapier integrations? Look here.

    Consolidate Your Data with Zapier Integrations

    If you run a small business, there’s a good chance your customer data is spread out across a number of different apps or web services. Without the proper resources, it can be difficult—not to mention time-consuming—to create automated workflows that sync data across all of those different platforms. With ClicData and Zapier integrations, this task is now a breeze.

    ClicData now integrates with 1,000 web tools, thanks to Zapier integrations with workflow automation tool Zapier, used by millions of professionals to boost their productivity. Learn more about it here.