Why is ClicData a Good Match For Healthcare Organizations

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    That’s a good question considering there are many platforms on the market that may perform the same or similar functions, but none provide all the tools we needed to make that delivery seamless and adaptable.

    In this article, we will share the reasons why Solvitix and many other healthcare experts have preferred ClicData to other BI and Analytics providers. This is a follow-up article to the Solvitix testimonial describing in detail their use case and data challenges met by many healthcare professionals in the industry.

    Reason #1: Sophisticated Features

    The connectors, automation, and scaling

    Solvitix – The flexibility that ClicData offers in terms of connecting to various Cloud Storage (Dropbox, sFTP, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.) and Databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.), plus the ability to also connect to Web sources with their Web Connector, allows us to be flexible in our approach and best suited to the Client’s data. 

    Needs evolve and additional data sources (and KPIs) are identified by clients. The ability to quickly meet those data demands with minimal effort provides extra agility with our delivery. With that agility, we can set schedules for data refreshes, dashboard publications, and alerts to deliver an end-to-end solution.

    On top of that, we’re able to adjust to our client’s storage and performance needs depending on the size of their data sources with ClicData’s flexibility to scale databases and workers. In a typical healthcare system, many analytical needs go unaddressed due to the complex processes that organizations have in developing analytics that respond to the customers’ needs. This often results in the “spread-marts” effect. Business units develop their own processes outside of the IT organization because the time to get data from new sources is limited by IT’s resources needed to connect to new data sources on behalf of the business units.

    This ultimately results in different results being reported throughout the organization and builds a distrust of information when presented from different areas with different numbers.

    Not just healthcare

    While some may view a product that is not specifically designed to meet healthcare needs as a disadvantage, we consider it an advantage!  Having a broader view into other industries and sectors can be extremely beneficial in bringing out-of-the-box thinking to the forefront by leveraging ideas or concepts that might not be solely unique to the healthcare space. We know healthcare data has a multitude of challenges and is constantly evolving, but ClicData’s capabilities allow us to easily overcome those obstacles as they arise.  

    Healthcare organizations face rising competition and the need to find new ways to drive revenue growth. To meet these dual challenges, health systems are prioritizing patient access initiatives. They need to measure the demand for services across all channels and the ability for patients to book an appointment promptly.

    Similar to retail, healthcare consumers will do research first and then book an appointment. If the convenience and service to book an appointment fall short of expectations, they are likely to go somewhere else, resulting in a loss of revenue.

    The data to measure patient access is not always all in one place and may entail the combination of web metrics (Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.) married with internal metrics to give a full picture of patient access performance. This falls outside of the typical healthcare organization’s core applications and is a secondary source of performance measurement.

    All the extras!

    ClicData has many additional capabilities that can be offered beyond what I’ve mentioned here. 

    This includes Application Integration, White Labeling, Single Sign-On, IP White Listing, Two-Factor Authentication, Data Streams, Direct Database Read-Only querying….and a host of other features. This allows for delivery that can be even further tailored to specific client requirements.

    Here are two dashboard examples showing the typical KPIs collected across our customer base in Pharma and Healthcare:

    pharma sales dashboard
    labor analytics department variance profile dashboard

    Reason #2: It’s Easy To Implement and Maintain

    Ease of use and time-to-market

    With any tool, there is a learning curve to understand the specific capabilities. Given that ClicData is a SQL-based platform and SQL is universal, the time to build new capabilities or prototype solutions was drastically reduced. The learning curve to build ETL flows and visualizations was easier than other tools we have worked with in the past. 

    Time-to-market in this ever-changing landscape is key. Healthcare organizations typically have a structured and rigid procurement process and security requirements to meet. Typically these take time, let alone finding the right talent to implement a BI solution and stand up a data warehouse. Using more common technology allows the organization to be nimble in responding to the ever-changing demands. Newer payment (at-risk, direct to consumer) and care delivery models (telehealth, value-based care) require organizations to be agile to more quickly respond to evolving BI demands.

    100% Cloud means no infrastructure constraints

    There is nothing to download or install, eliminating another obstacle to getting up and running fast.

    Having to maintain an analytical environment is an expensive endeavor. Additionally, having to maintain that environment with patches, upgrades, backups, etc. contributes to the ongoing maintenance costs. IT infrastructure budgets are already constrained and keeping experienced personnel on staff is even more challenging given employment trends.

    Data integration is not enough

    To be successful in healthcare environments, it’s critical to a chosen data platform not only to integrate the data input easily but is also able to embed the dashboards and reports into the existing environment. In other words, the output also needs to integrate nicely.

    The ability to share new dashboards and reports easily and securely without a long deployment process makes the decision to go with ClicData more compelling.  Also, the ability to integrate into existing applications gives IT options for deployment that may be more cumbersome with other tools.

    Collaborating means notifying

    Working with ClicData dashboards and reports means that your users will not only look at the dashboards you have built for them because you send them the same report every week and every Monday morning but also because notifications will alert them on critical events in the dashboards.

    Customized alerts allow for information to be pushed to the right users at the right time. For a good number of data consumers in healthcare organizations, they don’t have time to log in to check if the information has changed and determine the next steps. They also want to get their metrics without having to wade through a series of dashboards and reports. The alerting capabilities provided allow for targeting the right users with the right information at the right time.

    Reason #3: Designed and Supported By a Team of Experts

    Not only the initial idea of ClicData was drafted to answer the requirements of a pharma company but the whole product development was and still is imagined, designed, and implemented by a pharma expert, Telmo Silva, CTO of ClicData.

    Before ClicData, Telmo supported the Marketing and Sales teams of Global Pharma companies’ Global Customer Relationship Management initiative by implementing business processes, training, technical support, and development infrastructure for over 30 countries in three regions. His experience has been focused in data-driven support of the Life Sciences industry in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Financial, Operations, and Medical for over 25 years. 

    ClicData’s Business Analyst, Dan Stelljes, also carries extensive experience in the Healthcare industry.

    Dan has over 25 years in the Healthcare Industry and Data Analytics Industries. He has served in various roles within Healthcare Payer and Provider organizations, ranging from Payer/Provider relationships to data warehouse design, analytic solution development and information delivery.  Dan continues to focus on more efficient and qualitative delivery of healthcare analytics through practical, cost effective approaches. Combining his skills IT and subject matter expertise, Dan assists organizations with getting the most from their data.

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