Why BI Consultants Love Data!

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    As BI Consultants, we’re around data all day long. It’s our playground; it’s virtually the air we breathe. But why do we love it so much?

    You can’t argue with it

    Everybody can have their opinions, but no one can argue with data, and the insights and reports it spawns. Well-presented data gets people’s attention because it presents facts, trends and insights. Data is blissfully objective. It’s apolitical. It speaks louder than anecdotes and company folklore. When two people or two departments disagree, it can quiet the room and get everyone on the same page. Is data power? If you’re the one wielding it, it is.

    We bring order out of chaos

    Unstructured, or even semi-structured data has little value and is often characterized by a significant lack of uniformity that renders it fairly useless. Data is often scattered in a myriad of forms, among different software programs, file formats, languishing in filing cabinets, desktop computers, and even employees’ memories. It’s often rife with duplicates, inconsistencies, and horrible gaps. Not until we bring order to the mess does it become an asset to the company, through application such as ClicData for example.

    There’s gold in them thar hills

    One thing we do, of course, is data mining, as we sift through the vast arrays of binary information and discover the valuable insights that lie within them. We’re paid to search out and unearth the hidden trends, relationships, and shortcomings of the processes, production, and performance within the organizations we serve. Armed with the ability to curate and read the data, we help organizations boost efficiency, increase profitability, reduce waste, and make smarter decisions.

    We love to be the heroes

    We bring value to something that, without our expertise, is flat, boring, and binary. We bring the bucket that finally allows everyone to drink from the well. We help our clients understand their customers, brand, competitors, operations, and market opportunities by mining it for all its insights. After all, data isn’t intelligent. We are.

    Happy Dashboarding!