The Power of Sales Force Mobility

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    This is a time when we are being untethered from our offices. As far your sales force is concerned, the more time your employees have to spend with customers, the better they’ll perform. Mobile sales force management tools give them real time data at their fingertips and shrink those tedious hours filling out paperwork.

    They can also hand you the unprecedented ability to capture, quantify, measure and optimize parameters of performance and KPIs.

    Imagine this:

    • Field sales order details, like quantities, dates, and specs at the point of origin, transmitted to the office in real time
    • Sales forces have access to current, up-to-date, customized pricing information.
    • Accelerated delivery with virtually no delay from order to fulfillment
    • Data is easily captured for a variety of reports, such as summaries, route histories, order details, item detail reports, and employee activity reports.
    • Easily track and manage stock and containers
    • Automate picking and packing from any location
    • Synchronize data back at the office

    Running a small business with just a couple of people on your staff? With some systems, you can manage run sheets automatically and improve your ability to manage your sales rep territories and customer visits. Manage line items by adding detailed product descriptions to your orders and invoices or record on use-by date, batch production or serial number.

    Running a large enterprise? Let your sales teams create new sales, quotes, invoices and orders out in the field. Capture e-signatures, record billable activities, manage rebates or create special pricing events and more. Collect detailed analyses of your sales, employee activity, run lists, and customize your reports. You’ll be able to track and manage stock and containers with stock tracking and reporting across multiple locations.

    ClicData gives you the power to manage your data more easily than ever.

    Take Control of your Data