The Forbidden Apple

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    Dear Dashboards enthusiasts,

    We could not have missed the opportunity to build a dashboard about Apple and the iPhone as there has been a lot of noise about it lately.
    Check our new Facts Dashboard below:


    We analyzed the numbers of iPhones that were sold worldwide. Despite much questioning in the media that the high-end of the market is reaching saturation, this data demonstrates that iPhone sales continue to accelerate for Apple.
    The demand is still very high and numbers show that the iPhone 6 will definitively hit the iPhone owners willing to get a larger screen. Apple announced last week that they sold over 10 million iPhone 6s in the first three days after the release. Some analysts had concerns that the company would not be able to beat last year’s 9 million iPhone 5c and 5s result, but Apple came comfortably above it and achieved a much stronger result.

    Moreover, Apple will still be the most valuable brand worldwide and despite some recent issues (the infamous bendgate and the problematic upgrade to iOS 8.01), people usually respect the brand fidelity. As such, there is a very high chance that users owning an old version of the iPhone will stick with the Apple for their next smartphone.

    Apple mania continues!
    Happy Dashboarding!