Grow Your Social Media Engagement With Dashboards

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    bi dashboard tools

    Choosing the right BI dashboard tools for your business is a constant challenge. As new technologies arise, enhanced capabilities within current solutions evolve, and newly identified internal requirements surface, IT departments are besieged with requests for additional solutions. Add to this challenge, the need for an effective way to view and understand results from these disparate systems, and it quickly becomes a dizzying task.

    While every company has unique needs and requires a specific combination of tools to meet demands, there is one commonality that spans most organizations – Business Intelligence (BI). BI dashboard tools work with the myriad of solutions to make sense of the vast amount of data being collected. The unique capabilities of compiling diverse data formats and synthesizing them into comprehensible, actionable reports are invaluable.

     BI Dashboard Tools & Social Media Marketing

    Let’s look at a marketing example using various social media platforms. The significance of participating in social media marketing has become undeniable, and there is a growing number of platforms gaining traction today. Some are suited more for B2B companies while others are directed more toward the B2C market. Still others are focused on demographics such as age or gender. Regardless, the key purpose is to engage with your audience, provide value and create long-term loyalty to your brand.

    There is also another, a potentially more useful purpose for leveraging social media. As you grow your followers, you also grow an incredible resource for better understanding your market. By mining the data available from these social media platforms, not only can you collect a vast amount of demographic data, but you can learn behaviors, prioritize interests and observe habits of those potential customers to whom you are trying to connect. The question, of course, becomes how to extract meaningful information from all this data, as there is an immense amount of information to be sorted through.

    Utilizing BI Dashboard Tools

    With BI dashboard tools, you will spend less time chasing and analyzing data from multiple systems and more time optimizing campaigns for better results and ROI. The key is knowing your data sources. By including all inter-related systems, you will benefit from faster report creation, freeing up time for the analysts to focus on their job. The time savings of eliminating manual tasks will make a quantifiable impact on your business.

    Findings from your BI tools can help you market more successful by precisely segmenting your audience, focusing on topics important to them, and speaking their language. The market changes quickly. Real-time data enables you to take advantage of windows of opportunity before those windows close.

    With ClicData BI dashboard tools, you can quickly connect and visually report on social media data from nearly anywhere including Google Analytics, Facebook, paid search, SEO, social campaigns, app downloads and installs, and more. You will be able to demonstrate how each channel is performing, determine where to focus your investment, and how you’re delivering marketing ROI. Additionally, you can incorporate business applications such as project management tools, website analysis, CRM and marketing automation systems to get a complete picture of campaign efforts and results.

    ClicData’s BI dashboard tools solution is intuitive, cost-effective, and easy to get up and running. Review a few sample dashboards, including Google Analytics, Facebook Performance, and e-commerce KPIs to get started or contact us for more information.