Looking For a BIME Successor? ClicData To The Rescue

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    The news broke earlier this year: BIME analytics is officially going away of the business intelligence market on June 30, 2021.

    To all BIME customers who are actively looking for a new BI tool, ClicData can help.

    Why ClicData is the best option to replace BIME?

    Easy transition to ClicData

    Moving your data

    The first step here would be to export all your data and tables into CSV or Excel spreadsheets to keep historical data. From here, you can easily upload all your datasets into ClicData. You can also recreate connections to your data sources with our native connectors. The choice is yours!

    Recreating your dashboards

    ClicData comes with a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard designer with over 70 visualization options. Interactive maps, gauges, tables, pre-defined filters, input widgets, charts, and many more. You will be able to recreate your dashboards with our drag-and-drop designer within a few hours. Our team of Product Specialists can also help you recreating dashboards if needed.

    clicdata drag and drop dashboard designer

    ClicData is a feature-rich BI platform

    ClicData is an all-in-one BI tool that includes all the features you need and expect in an integrated business intelligence technology:

    Data management

    An extensive array of ETL features in ClicData’s platform makes it easy for you to reliably cleanse and prep your data for your reports. They include:

    • Data normalization
    • Data standardization
    • Data merge
    • Data fusion
    • Data grouping
    • Data combine
    • Data aggregation
    • Calculated columns
    data management clicdata


    As you know, your reports, dashboards, and KPIs are only as good as the data they draw from. If your data isn’t up-to-date, you can’t completely trust the results you get. ClicData folds in automatic data refreshes of your data. You can create custom schedules to refresh your data on specific days and times of the day and in the frequency of your choosing. Now you can trust what you see.

    ClicData also makes it easy to set automated email alerts on critical benchmarks—a drop in your sales, an abnormal churn rate, or budget deviations, for example—so you stay on top of your business activities and performance.

    Easy collaboration

    Sharing metrics and outcomes can play a big role in collaborating and empowering teams. ClicData lets you share your dashboards the way you want, through public and/or password-protected live links or through embedding dashboards in your internal portal. That way, your dashboard users get to see and work with the latest data.

    Or, if you prefer, you can send dashboard snapshots on scheduled emails. This can be very convenient if you want to share key metrics with partners, investors, or your entire organization.

    Mobile dashboards

    Dashboards are no longer only accessible through office desktops or TVs. Your teams need to be able to check their data, metrics, and insights on the go, wherever they are. ClicData understands how important that is. ClicData dashboards are available on mobile and tablet apps and can be fully designed for small devices.

    They made the transition from BIME to ClicData

    We went to ask a few questions to their CTO, Henri-Maxime Ducoulombier but first of all, let’s understand Marketing 1BY1’s business: Marketing 1BY1 is a marketing automation solution integrating a Customer Data Platform. The agency provides its customers with the tools to animate their community through a personalized and automated relationship and they provide them with a greater understanding of their audience and related behaviors. Many companies from multiple sectors (tourism, E-commerce, charity, …) have thereby a chance to resolve CRM issues by capitalizing on all their omni-channel data collected for each of their customers.

    Q: You used to be a BIME customer, why did you decide to leave?

    H.-M. Ducoulombier: BIME allowed us to connect multiple data sources quite easily (including MongoDB and Redshift that we use extensively), and to execute queries directly on our databases, without having to import them. But over time, it appeared that it was actually a requirement to import the data into their system, and many bugs have disrupted or even made impossible the creation of the dashboards we needed for our customers. The lack of support despite our reminders and the price of the license eventually lead us to start looking into an alternative. In addition, our data model is very flexible, with a lot of exceptions and special cases, and BIME did not offer any flexibility from this point of view.

    Q: What prompted you to test ClicData?

    H.-M. Ducoulombier: The promise of a SaaS solution that could connect to our data sources quickly and unload us from the ETL part enticed us to test ClicData when we decided to leave BIME. We were looking for a solution where end-users could manage to import complex and massive data self-sufficiently, without the intervention of our technical team, and ClicData seemed to fulfill this promise.

    Q: What convinced you to buy ClicData at the end of the trial?

    H.-M. Ducoulombier: We mainly tested 2 components of ClicData: the purely technical capabilities of the platform and the ability to create the dashboards we wanted. With a solid technical background, our team was able to evaluate the data related features of the software efficiently and we had a good idea of what we were looking for. We also had someone internally to build the dashboards and compare the possibilities with other data visualization tools such as BIME: the goal was to redo quickly (and improve) what we had already done on BIME and this goal was achieved on ClicData 150%.
    In addition to the purely technical and functional aspects of the tool, we were also extremely impressed by the availability of the support team who answered our questions on the spot. The pricing model that does not vary should you be an editor or a viewer is also a point that simplified our lives and fit our business model quite nicely.

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